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How Uterus Cancer Is Diagnosed

Published at 01/21/2012 07:52:36


Human body is the complex combination of different organs. Every organ needs to be maintained properly for correct functioning of the entire body. Since decades, dangerous and contagious diseases rate has been increasing among humans, for which so many factors are responsible. Among the most deadly and life threatening diseases is cancer. This disease can rise in any of the organs of human body and is often hard to be diagnosed during its early stages. Most of the patients suffering from this disease usually can’t realize the symptoms it gets diagnoses by the doctor.


Every organ is delicate and important to maintain because these organs together makes the entire body works. One such organ is uterus. Uterus is a pelvic part of the human female body that functions for two things. One of the functions is to work during pregnancy and second function is to lose blood during menstrual time period to keep the menstrual cycle proper and regular. The uterus can be split into three sections and each of the three divisions can give birth to a cancer. Almost more than ninety percent of the cancers in uterus arise in lining section and are called adenocarcinomas. Endometrial biopsy is usually the way through which this cancer is diagnosed. Although adenocarcinomas are not actually the cancers rather they are the most significant sources of uterus cancers. The best method for them to be diagnosed and treated is called hysterectomy and high progesterone therapy when applied in high dosage.


The symptoms of uterus cancer are often not much difficult to be diagnosed. The most common sign for this cancer is abnormal and irregular bleeding. During biopsy , some of the lining of uterus can be rub out to diagnose whether this is because of cancer or is the result of some other disorders. However, Cancers raised in uterus organ can be diagnosed through other well known methods like D&C , hysteroscopy endometrial biopsy and hysterectomy. Fortunately, unlike other cancers, uterus cancer causes unusual bleeding during earlier stages, hence it can be diagnosed earlier if the irregular bleeding doesn’t get neglected.

After being diagnosed, the medical consultant can give the most accurate view of the cancer’s stage. The uterus cancer comprises of four stages that include sub stages as well. With heading towards later stages, the cancer tends to spread to other organs of the body as well and therefore, can result in severe disorders and internal problems. Since uterus cancer shows symptoms during earlier stage of its development, it gets easier for the patients to diagnose the problem and thus many of the uterus cancer patients are able to get proper diagnosis and treatment and are cured before it gets too late.

Tips and comments

The treatments that have been invented and practiced for uterus cancer diagnosis and cure are proved to be the most efficient methods. Earlier, there was not much awareness and treatment facilities were available for uterus cancer to be diagnosed and cured ,hence the death rate due to this cancer shows much higher rate during that period.