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How to prevent infections to come back

Published at 01/21/2012 07:53:46


It is an old and long tested quote that health is wealth. As long as you keep yourself healthy, you will be able to earn wealth and prosperity in each and every field of your life. We all know that our skin acts as an obstruction between our health and germs but the same skin could act as a magnet to attract all the germs and infections to you as long as you are not being careful to prevent them.

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It has been observed that the basic reason behind getting infected by several seasonal or other infections can never be prevented by running away from the people who cough and sneeze near you. Rather we need to make corrections in our habits so that we can fight the infections staying away from them. You might be thinking that what is too hazardous about infections that you have to be so much more careful? In fact, infections when not treated properly can transform into very painful diseases that get complex with each day and sometimes they get so much severe that even a person could loose the infected body part, still on larger note a death could also be a conclusion of negligence about infections.

In order to prevent infections from coming back one must be really careful as they once have suffered from the pain of carelessness. A few simple tips to avoid infections from coming back is to keep yourself clean. It has been well said that cleanliness is half of Godliness, stay clean and stay healthy. The first thing is to make a regular habit to wash your hands several times a day, especially whenever you are about to eat something as contagious food is one of the mightiest problems in the spreading of infections. The next thing is to take care of your personal belongings such as towels, toothbrushes, lipstick, razors, socks and even clothes. As these things make contact directly with your skin, mouth, nose, lips etc. That is why they require more care. You must also be very careful when you sneeze or cough and you must cover your mouth with the hand as it is necessary to save other people from infections as much as we want others not to spread them to us.

Keeping you wounds clean with some antibacterial agents is a must as long as you do not want the infections to come back to you. Furthermore getting proper vaccination time to time is vital as in this way you can assure the affinity of your body to resist any fatal diseases. Staying hygienic and taking shower daily washes away the chances of germ attacks as well.


It is more like a moral obligation on us to keep ourselves and the people around us, safe from the infections which are possible only if we add the above mentioned prevention tips to our daily habits. This way we can, not only nip the infection in the bud but, we can keep its leaves to spread in every direction too. Stay healthy and keep healthy.

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