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How To Prevent Fungal Infected Hand!

Published at 01/22/2012 17:47:11


Skin is the part of the human body that keeps wrapping the entire body to prevent it from outside harmful agents and diseases. It plays many roles to keep the body healthy and protected. Skin absorbs necessary moisture for the body, helps to get rid of bodily waste and provides injuries healing capability. But unfortunately, skin might get badly infected when it becomes a victim of any viral or fungus. Fungus is one of the groups of micro organism that consists of diverse variety of its members. Although many of the fungi are useful for human use and used in the preparation of many medicines, food etc, but at the same time, some fungi are harmful and can affect the skin very badly.


Fungus affected skin is usually hard to be diagnosed as symptoms are very common in nature. Like other parts of the body, fungus infection can attack your hands. The symptoms for the fungal infection are almost same like other skin allergies and diseases. Flushing, irritation, peeling and swollen layer of skin etc are although, common skin problems nowadays, but they might be the signs of fungal affected skin as well. The only way to diagnose fungus infected skin is the use of microscope by the doctors since the symptoms are confusing and need proper and expert observation for diagnosing this problem.


Usually hands start getting infected with infection in nails. The fungus then continues to spread the entire part constantly. Hence it is advisable to get your infected hands immediately checked by the skin specialist in case of facing the above mentioned signs. Hands infected from fungal infection requires the practice of some guidelines and tips to prevent it to be happen in future again. These recommendations are usually been prescribed by many of the skin specialists as well after through research and study.

Since fungus has the ability and nature to grow and multiply itself in a hot and humid surroundings at a faster pace, hands encountering the excess usage of water are more prone to get infected. It is advisable to avoid keeping your hands in water without any particular reason. The usage of glove either of plastic or rubber during working in water like washing, gardening or cleaning utensils etc should be adopted. As far as the nails are concerned, they can be the top most sources to result in a fungal infected hand, hence cleaning and maintenance of nails is of prime significance to prevent fungal infected hand.

Tips and comments

Further, wash your hands with anti bacterial soap after shaking hand with anyone because the hand you shake with might be infected with fungus. Use anti fungal cream or powder daily on your hands and feet. For females, it is strictly recommended by the experts not to carry any nail color or paint on fungal infected hand because it can exacerbate the situation. Sometimes, fungal forms in the showers, taps or sinks etc, hence it is important to monitor their proper cleaning and maintenance.