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What Is Chronic Diseases

Published at 01/17/2012 08:59:09


The diseases chronic conditions are the main cause of mortality in Europe and USA, and this is why 70 % of the health budgets of some states are spent to treat the patients that suffer from those affections. Because of the major impact of diseases chronic problems, the annual Chronic Disease and Health Management meeting is considered a key event for the health systems in some countries. This even is organized in different countries each year, and it has the purpose of establishing the next research directions in order to find cures for those conditions.


The diseases chronic condition is defined as affection on a long term, which usually has a slow evolution. The chronic diseases, such as heart problems, cancer, respiratory problems, or diabetes are the main cause of mortality, and the doctors and specialists attending meetings such as this one will be able to prevent and cure those conditions in the near future.

The diseases chronic management system is a new concept that implies all the components of the health system, with the purpose of integrating the system, ensuring the continuity of care, and the implication of the community. The strategists of the sanitary politics consider the management system as essential for the diabetes care, Alzheimer, and asthma will raise the efficiency of the system significantly. This is why it is important for the research directions to be unified, in order to prevent and to cure those conditions.


At an international level, management programs were applied, having the purpose of diagnosing and preventing the diseases. The diseases chronic conditions are diverse, but the most common of them are obesity, diabetes, or arthritis.

Preventing the chronic diseases implies a good management of the activities, good eating habits and sleep. Moreover, you should also reduce the risk factors such as smoking and alcohol, which means a strong immunity and decreasing chances for the disease to be installed.

Tips and comments

It is important for the countries that don’t have such a strong health management system and the main objective is to bring specialists from the developed countries to implement those modern techniques. Those specialists will be able to implement systems that were already proven as effective in other countries, and to increase the general state of health in the respective countries. The main concern is the patient, and the system based on care needs to be applied in the developing countries also. The national politics of diseases chronic management must be introduced everywhere, but they should also be adapted to the local needs.

The researches conducted in UK and USA demonstrated that the chronic patients are not only simple spectators to the treatment, the patient needs to be informed about the evolution of the disease, about the effect of the treatment and about the possible negative reactions. This way, the patient has to be responsible, and to become a decisional factor during the healing process. Anyway, the directions are good, and the patients suffering from those conditions might benefit of professional and more effective treating methods in the near future.