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How To Prevent Respiratory Disease

Published at 01/19/2012 13:44:25


It is true: half of the problems suffered by children, but also a big percentage of the problems suffered by adults are the cause of a disease respiratory condition. As it is important to have a healthy family, here are some hints that might keep the germs away from your house.

Even if the large pharmaceutical companies try to discourage the alternative medicine, as the usage of those techniques affect their profits, the specialized blogs and forums promote some antique techniques that are used for centuries to treat the disease respiratory problems.


The mucosa of the respiratory system is responsible to fight the bacteria that want to enter the organism using the breathing apparatus. If you want this barrier to function accordingly, you will have to ensure a certain degree of moisture.

The dry air attracts humidity from the breathing system, and once this happens, the barrier against bacteria becomes vulnerable, and the body can be easily affected. If you want to avoid the disease respiratory problems, you will need to keep the humidity in your home between 45 % and 65 %.

While you are sleeping, if you prefer to stay on your back, with your face up, the nose congestion will appear, and you will start breathing on your mouth. If the air in the room is dry, the neck will be affected, and several severe disease respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia might appear.


Because of lack of humidity, the immune system will not be able to reject the germs causing infections, and it can also encourage the developing of bacteria and viruses. Another harmful effect of the dry air is an uncomfortable state, of tiredness and anxiety.

If you have found one of the problems you have on this list, it means that you suffer of disease respiratory problems, and you should take the necessary measurements as soon as possible. Those problems usually appear during the winter, when the temperature in the room is maintained between 21-23 degrees Celsius with the air conditioners, and in this case, the humidity might get under 15 %.

If you are able to ensure a corresponding level of humidity in the room, and especially in the rooms of your children, the danger to get a respiratory problem are lowered, and the breathing system works at its fullest capacity, ensuring a great barrier against the harmful bacteria. The simplest method to increase the humidity in the house is to use an ultrasound humidifier, because it can offer the right humidity level in the room. As it is easy to use, it must be present in your home all the time.

Tips and comments

The lungs are delicate organs that are sensitive to the action of the environment factors, such as germs, pollution and smoke, and this is the reason why respiratory disease appear, both for the superior and inferior systems. However, you can protect yourself from those diseases if you are rigorous, and you are concerned about hygiene, and to understand that those care techniques are an integrated part of the treatment against allergies and infections.