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How To Prevent Mastitis Disease

Published at 01/18/2012 21:58:27

Mastitis Disease: Found in pregnant women

Mastitis disease in a common disease found in women and it affects their mammary glandsIt is infection which is caused by clogged duct in the nipple of the mother who has given birth to a child. The women suffering from such disease often suffer tingling effect in her breast which after a while turns into pain. The breasts become inflamed with the growth of infection in the body. Apart from this one can also detect the disease through other symptoms like breast become red, hard, sore etc. Sometimes lumps can also be felt in the breast due to the disease. These are few of the symptoms found.

Necessity of preventing Mastitis Disease

Mastitis disease is such a disease which may affect the mother as well as newly born infant; this creates a necessity of preventing it. Apart from this, every women desire to have a baby which makes her life complete but giving birth to a baby is not an easy task and it consist of various complexities. Improper care during birth may be injurious to the women and might results into disease like Mastitis. Prime consideration of every mother after giving birth to her child, is to feed her and offer proper nutrition as desired by his body. Mastitis is the disease which obstructs women in fulfilling such desire as it obstructs the flow of the milk from the mammary gland of the women which comprise of all essential nutrition and minerals desired by body of every child. It is considered to be an impediment in the flow of love between a mother and her child so it needs to be curbed immediately.

Easy steps to prevent Mastitis

It is always advisable that one should try to prevent the disease before it is inflicted; the same fact applies in case of mastitis. There are various easy steps which a women can follow and prevent Mastitis. Every pregnant woman should after 6 months of her pregnancy clean her nipple by scrubbing it with clean water or soap water. Wine or like drinks with some percentage of alcohol can also be used in cleaning up the breast as it would improve its local resistance. Proper massage or pulling up of nipples carefully can also aid in preventing the disease to a great extend. Consuming proper diet with all necessary nutrition is the most important factor which will improve the health and well as milk producing capacity and reduce the chances of such diseases.

Take aid of Doctor at early stage of Mastitis

If any women observe any symptoms regarding Mastitis then she should immediately contact doctor for getting relieve. One should be treated at earlier stages before the situation gets worsen. She should not stop feeding her child as this would make the disease acute. Proper medication as prescribed by doctor is the best way to get rid of the disease and to offer proper feeding to one’s child as required for its growth and development. Take proper medication and treatmetn before the condition worsens. It is wise to take preventive methods to stop the  condition from occuring.