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The Heart Diseases-cholesterol Link


Every year heart diseases constitute a large portion of the death toll in victims subjected to various sorts of diseases. Until a few years back heart diseases were considered to be primarily associated with elderly, but as the years have gone by more and more cases of youngsters becoming a prey to this disease are surfacing. Cholesterol is often, rather all the time, quoted as the prime reason for various heart diseases. But is it? No doubt cholesterol is among the core issue for various health problems. Some of diabetic and heart affairs are comprised in cholesterol diseases. However, its link to heart diseases in a way that it’s the primary reason for them in focus is vague. This article will look into whether heart diseases overlap with cholesterol diseases or not.


No prominent scientist has ever concluded that cholesterol is the reason for heart diseases. Various researches have been made to get into the truth about this question. Both with and against researchers rest their cases that cholesterol is a vital player in heart issues but in significance to be among prime factors, researches differ. So, do cholesterol diseases affect the heart?


Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is present naturally in our body. Generated by liver, cholesterol in mild quantities is important and a good source of protection for body, but in overwhelming quantities it becomes problematic. It’s a common perception that high cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart diseases. Cholesterol can be perceived as a plaque around the arteries and vesicular canals of heart. Blocking the way and eventually making the blood flow difficult that leads to cardiac arrest or some other cardiac issue. It’s understood commonly that Atherosclerosis is among the cholesterol diseases that eventually leads to heart diseases. Atherosclerosis is basically thickening of the walls of heart. To make it simpler, the whole process is commonly referred to as: When there is high cholesterol level in our body, heart vessels get clogged with impurities and that stops the blood flow, this process is known as atherosclerosis. Preconceived to be caused by high levels of cholesterol, plaque blocks the walls and makes them thick impairing blood flow. But that’s not the case with atherosclerosis; it’s primarily caused by degeneration of lipids which causes inflammation in our blood vessels. To prove this point, scientists have conducted various experiments such as the “cholesterol fed rabbit model”. Although its results in the end were vague to conclude the core reason for heart disease itself but it definitely was among the reasons that lead to it.

Tips and comments

A person is more likely to have cholesterol diseases if in his/her family it’s a common trait. To have cholesterol linked as the primary source or the core reason that leads to heart diseases cannot be proclaimed. But yes it is definitely among the factors that eventually lead you into cardiac issues. If you’re above 20 you should get your cholesterol levels checked at least once in 5 years. People having higher levels of cholesterol should change their diets to vegetables and adjust working out a common habit in their lifestyles.

By Amara, published at 01/21/2012
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