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How To Treat Degenerative Brain Diseases


Brain is the most important organ of the body. It performs all the major voluntary and involuntary functions. A healthy body needs a healthy mind. Generally excessive tension, anxiety and depression are the root causes of degenerative brain diseases. These degenerative brain diseases cause a disruption in other systems in the body as well.


Alzheimer’s disease was the first ever degenerative disease which was discovered by a German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer in the nineteenth century. There are also other degenerative brain diseases spreading rapidly in this era of mechanism and depression. These include Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s chorea, Multiple sclerosis, senile dementia and brain tumor. Migraine is also considered as a minor degenerative disease.


Migraine is a severe pain originating in the temples and spreading to nose and at the base of the neck. The patient is in agony and the beat way to treat is to lie down in a dark room. If the pain becomes unbearable then take the pills subscribe by the doctor. One feels nauseous and twitching in neck muscles in this minor disease also. Alzheimer’s disease, also known as dementia, is the worst kind of degenerative disease. There is no cure of this disease. The symptoms are forgetfulness, confusion, mood swings, having difficulty in speaking and irritation. This disease worsens with time, ultimately leading to the death of the patient. Parkinson’s disease’s symptoms are tremors, speech difficulty, loss of movement in certain parts of the body or temporary paralysis and muscular rigidity. Huntington’s disease results in many psychological disorders and physical depravity as well, like having fits and difficulty in speaking. Multiple sclerosis results in loss of sight, or sometimes in double vision. A person suffering from this disease also has dizziness and is unsteady while walking. Senile dementia patients have poor hearing and vision, have low level of intelligence and are unable to reason. Brain tumor is like cancer in the brain and the main treatment in this disease is a surgery. These degenerative brain diseases can be hereditary or a person can develop them at any point in his life. Fate has a big role in it as well. There is no specific way through which you can cure these diseases. But recently, doctors have found the only way to treat these and that is through Grafting surgery. It’s quite a complex surgery and takes about sixteen to eighteen hours. Plus only the developed countries like China, Japan and England have the facilities for this surgery. What they do in grafting surgery is that they take a tissue from other person’s organ without interrupting the blood supply but sometimes the success rate of these discoveries is way too less.

Tips and comments

So before going for the surgery, always do your own research as well. And in sensitive cases like these it is always good to have a second opinion. The degenerative brain diseases, naturally, lowers the morale of the patient and especially the family but one shouldn’t lose hope because miracles do happen. Sometimes the patient isn’t aware that he is suffering from a disease like in Alzheimer’s, so constant looking after is important. Moreover, a boost to the family is necessary as well.

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