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What you need to know about fomite scabies treatment


To be afraid of germs is not being overprotective or being too sensitive but something many doctors recommend us to be. What most of us don’t understand are the ways germs can penetrate our homes and offices or surfaces where we can easily get them .One way is through fomites. Fomites are the objects that have the potency to help scabies in getting close to our skins causing different types of rashes and itches. These can be door knobs, surface of our tables, cloth on our sofa chairs etc.


Fomites have been in focus for a long time but the use of its proper name is very limited. Many ads of anti bacterial products and clears show them but never use the actual term. Take the example of any anti-bacterial soap advertisement. The places they show where you can get germs are usually inanimate objects but they are simply being shown without using the term itself. Scabies are invisible to the naked eye parasites that will cause a person to develop itches when he or she rubs her skin on the fomites. Like Tables, Toys, bedding etc. It has been discovered by archeologists that Scabies existed in times of Ancient Egypt and also in Middle East .The most respectable recording of the existence of scabies can be found in the Bible.


Protecting oneself from scabies is easy if one is careful and takes the necessary precautions. The best way to handle it is by going for the source itself. Scabies are said to survive for about three days in a non living organism .This means you need to focus on the fomites. Look around your house and identify all the fomites where you believe you or your loved one can get scabies. Start with your bedding. The bed sheets and pillow covers of the infected individual should be washed by a detergent and especially in hot water. Many experts recommend the usage of Borax. You should also make sure that any furniture that includes tables, chair or even carpets that have been in contact with the infected person should be cleaned. Scabies can easily survive on them for around 72 hours. Therefore it is advised that you use borax powder on them and after a gap of two hours vacuum the area sprinkled. For items like toys, shoes or stuffed toys, use hot water tub with borax mixed in it. Once dipped then leave the items in it for some time. At least an hour is advised. Later when taken out keep them either in the sun or blow them dry.

Tips and comments

Scabies are easy to treat. So if you have contracted then don’t fret or worry as treatment of scabies is available and you can ask your general physician for it. Many medicines and lotions are available that will not only help in reducing the itching but also inhibiting the infection. Remember to clean your fomites now and to reduce the chance of not only getting scabies but also protecting those around you.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 01/22/2012
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What you need to know about fomite scabies treatment. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.