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How To Prevent Nervous System Diseases!

Published at 01/22/2012 10:14:15


Did you ever think about how your organs perform actions that you think of? The thought of performing an action is still in your mind and your hand has performed it already? Did you ever think the theory that is behind the circulation of your blood to your tiniest cell? This is where nervous system comes. It is the system in your body that works in the form of a network that sends the messages to each organ about the function the brain is about to ask them. This system consists of microscopic neurons that are transmitted through a network of nerves in your body. A nervous system is responsible for the transmission and reception of the order messages all over the body. When you move a muscle, run a yard, sketch a person, blow a whistle, remember an old sweet memory, feel hot, cold and cozy, all the time your nervous system is involved in your tiniest to your mightiest action. Now think if this major and vital system of your body gets diseased? Even the thought of it gives you goose bumps. So why not learn to prevent any diseases nervous system.


Usually the diseases nervous system are caused due to some infection generated in your body. It can also be any functional disorder of your system. The major diseases nervous system are headache, dizziness and stressed body which can easily be prevented by taking proper rest in the periods of work and not letting your body to have these problems persisting for a long time because an unattended minute pain could get magnified to some fatal disease. These were only the functional diseases of nervous system. Now let us have a look at some structural problems of the nervous system. The diseases related to the structure of the body, as can be noted from the name are meant to affect the structure mainly and thus affecting the functionality. It could be an injury caused to the spinal cord as it is the major link that connects all the link nerve to one major nerve directly to the brain. In order to prevent these diseases first thing is to take utmost care of your spine.


Do not sit on the hard surfaces with a huge force as it will affect the spinal cord directly. Be careful when lifting heavy loads as sometimes lifting a heavy load result in breakage of the spinal cord. Eating a healthy diet, taking plenty of water, saying good bye to smoking, taking adequate amount of rest, making physical exercise a part of routine, regular medical checkups, less use of drugs, and maximum use of green food is the best tip to prevent diseases nervous system.

Tips and comments

diseases nervous system, either functional, structural or of any other category can be prevented by taking a lot of care when you move and do some actions. If you feel any problem with your nervous system do not delay in asking for a physician’s advice and try to nip the evil in the bud to prevent any serious problem.