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What Are The Causes Of Diseases Of Heart

Published at 01/21/2012 20:10:23


With each passing day the world is getting a newer disease attack and the more researches and investigations are being made, the newer diseases are being discovered. People are getting more and more influenced by these diseases or we can say that now they know where they are coming from. Scientists and medical officials have made the rapt pollution and the increase in the use of artificial chemicals and nutrients in our daily life. Excessive use of the junket and artificial food has been a major factor in the increasing stomach disorders and cholesterol problems each day. Even the drinks we take in the excessive amounts daily prove to be dangerous if taken more than necessary. Lack of physical activities and the habit of sticking to your computer system in the single chair and table gives birth to a number of problems as well. Especially all these things attack your heart badly. The diseases of heart are getting more and more common and the one of the simplest causes is the hypertension and hyper stress condition of the body.


The major problem is the increase in the cholesterol level of the body and high blood pressure. Risk factors are the things or factors that are the most common and most dangerous ones for the diseases of heart. These majorly include the high blood pressure that results due to stress and tension. High blood cholesterol that is mainly caused due to eating non healthy food with excess fats is another major one. Therefore one must be conscious in the choice of food. Diseases of heart are very common for people who have diabetes and the combination of these two diseases makes it impossible for one to have a peaceful life. Such people are always advised to take a balanced diet and proper medical treatment to let go of the possibilities of severe problem. The people with diabetes and diseases of heart both are cause of deaths as well.


Research have shown that the people who leave all sort of physical activities suffer more from the heart diseases as the role of the heart is to pump and more the pumping, better is the flow of blood through every cell of the body. Once you leave any physical activity, you get closer to the diseases of heart as you start putting on a lot of weight. Hence over weight and obesity are also a factor in heart diseases. If you are putting much weight, start an exercise or a sport to keep your metabolism activated all the times and to prevent any heart disease. Smoking is the habit that is like a killer to the person with non healthy heart or even the smoking itself will make you unhealthy as it makes the arteries to contract and loose all their contribution for blood circulation in a proper manner.

Tips and comments

It has been proved scientifically that other than all the above mentioned problems, diseases of heart might occur due to gender or heredity problems as well. Another contributing factor in the increasing heart diseases is the age. Younger people are more immune to heart diseases as compared to the older ones.