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A Brief Guide On Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Published at 07/13/2011 23:26:42

 What are sexually transmitted diseases? Sexually transmitted diseases or commonly known as sexually transmitted infection (STI) nowadays ( to lessen the threat or stigma by saying the words “STD”) is a collection of diseases that is transmitted by any sexual activity either by vaginal, oral or anal. It can also be spread through an Intravenous insertion through the needle used by an infected individual and can also be spread through NSVD (Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery) and through breastfeeding. It is caused by different microorganisms like bacteria, fungal, viral, parasites and protozoa. It involves the infections in the vagina, mouth, anus and the penis and has the possibility to spread to other organs if not treated. Sexually transmitted diseases are well known for a hundred of years know and still considered a problem. Sexually transmitted diseases are often asymptomatic or it has no symptoms which may lead to further aggravation.

 In order for us to protect ourselves from this certain disease, we must first equip ourselves for the right information and different ways to stop the spread of this disease. An effective way to lessen the spread is to practice safe sex. Use a condom whenever you are unsure or you’re suspecting that yourpartner has STI. The signs and symptoms of this disease may vary and may be different from each person, but it pays to know all of it. Here are some of the symptoms that may arise. Skin rash, painful urination, bumps and sores in the mouth, vagina, anus or penis. Some may also experience swelling and redness, fever, chills, abnormal discharges in the penis and vagina, Penile and vaginal bleeding, severe itching and dyspareunia

 If you experience any or some of the mentioned signs and symptoms above, you should get a medical attention right away and seek for a treatment to a doctor. I know it might seem awkward talking to your doctor about it but it can do you good and can help you big time! The doctor will examine you and would run some test to determine what kind of STD you have. Many STD’s are treated with an antibiotic that’s why it is important to take all of the medications on time and even if you feel better or if the symptoms are gone, still, one should continue taking the antibiotics. The treatment would be a great benefit because it may lessen the spread of the disease, improves your lifestyle because it would lessen the signs and symptoms and most of all, it would cure the disease.

Tips and comments:

 The best way to be protected with this disease is by believing that prevention is still the best medicine, which means that practicing safe sex would be of great help. Practicing monogamy is also a good way to be sexually transmitted disease free. Having a general check up with your doctor and consulting right away if signs and symptoms appear also is a way to prevent oneself from this disease. By following all of these advices, STD would be more likely to decrease and both you and your partner would enjoy a disease free sex.