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Diseases Affecting Central Nervous System

Published at 07/14/2011 12:05:57

 Central nervous system diseases are a major problem affecting either the spinal cord or brain.It is fatal because the central nervous system controls our behaviors including our heart movements. There are a lot of diseases affecting our nervous system like meningitis, encephalitis and Alzheimer’s to name a few. Firstly, the spinal cord is the one who senses reception from the peripheral nervous system. It also sends motor function to the cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and also the glands. The spinal cord is connected to our brain which identifies the signals received by the brain. Secondly, the brain is the center of our nervous system. The brain is the one who monitors and regulates the body’s reactions and actions.That’s why it is called the command center of the human body.

 Knowing the functions and uses ofthe spinal cord and the brain, we already know that central nervous system diseases is a disease that is serious and a disease that really needs a lot of medical support. Almost all of the central nervous system diseases are chronic or irreversible if not treated well. There are different kinds of central nervous system diseases depending on where the microorganisms attacked and invaded. An example of which is meningitis or the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the spinal cord and brain due to a viral, bacterial or other microorganism. Common signs and symptoms of central nervous system diseases are memory loss, persistent or chronic headache, and tremors, loss of muscle strength, slurred speech and seizures. If some or one of these symptoms is felt, a trip to the doctor might be of help. 

 Causes of central nervous system diseases might vary. Some are caused by trauma to the brain and spinal cord and can cause severe disabilities to a person. Infections also are a cause and can be transmitted in several ways and can also affect the brain and spinal cord. Examples of these are encephalitis and meningitis.Having a tumor in the brain also is a cause and can lead to central nervous system diseases. It is highly fatal if it’s malignant because it might spread to different body organs. Degeneration also causes central nervous system diseases. It involves a loss of function in the spine due to pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Some may be associated to herniation, disc displacement and studies show that being obese also is a factor of degenerative spinal disorder.

Tips and comments:

 Treatment of central nervous system diseases has wide range of treatments. Examples of these are surgery, rehabilitation and prescribed medications such as antibiotics and anti virals. Treating central nervous system diseases might not that be easy and might cause or aggravate the problem because it would deal two of the important and vital organs of the body which are the spinal cord and the brain. It is important that as early as the signs and symptoms would show, one should have a trip to a doctor and ask to be diagnosed and be treated.