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Different Types Of Diseases Affecting The Mental Health

Published at 07/14/2011 14:08:20

 A vast number of individuals have severely developed mental health diseases these days. These disorders have been augmented due to several factors depending on the background and history of an individual. There are even diseases and disorders that could lead to mental illness. These diseases could temporarily or permanently damage the parts of the brain, which could cause mental illness. Other diseases could cause mental illness due to the frustrations and stress level of the individual having such disease or disorder.

Chronic disorders like chronic insomnia would often contribute to several mental health diseases. Chronic insomnia would not only affect an individual’s mental health, but it could also affect the physical wellness of that person. Sleeping is essentially involves in the mental aspect of a person. It virtually improves learning, memory processing, mind relaxation, and it is also a key component in regulating several vital hormones in the body. The absence of such could critically affect a person’s mentality. Most individuals that are diagnosed with chronic insomnia are emotionally unstable and anxious. Anxiety usually affects sleeping, and the absence of such would even develop the anxiety issues further.


The thyroid disease is another disease that could develop mental instability. This disease could cause mood swings, depressions, and anxiety. The person with excessively active thyroid will encounter uneasiness, restlessness, and nervousness. On the other side, a person having an under-active thyroid will cause the individual to experience severe fatigue and depression.


Multiple sclerosis is also the disease that attacks the brain of individual, thus, causing damage to the individual’s mental health. This is a chronic inflammatory disease that basically damages the central nervous system of the body, which consists of the spinal cord and the brain.


There are also indirect diseases that could cause mental illness to an individual. There are several parents around the world that have been reportedly diagnosed with mental illnesses and depression due to their children’s heart disease. More and more mothers have been affected with such mental disability due to the condition of their children. These diseases are very severe, and it could also even influence the mental state of the people surrounding the individual with such disease.

Another disease that could affect the mental health of a person is the Parkinson’s disease. Such disorder not only affects the motor skills of a person but it could also affect the mental stability of the individual. This disease would basically destroy brain cells and other parts of the brain, which causes severe disorders to an individual’s mental state. The side effects of the medications of such disease would even cause hallucinations to the patient. That is how dangerous this disease could be for the mental state.


These are few disorders and diseases that could virtually affect the mental state of a person. Mental disorders are often caused by substance abuse, significant loss, family history, and stress levels. These medical conditions and disorders could severely damage the brain and mental state of an individual. These mental health diseases could be very stressful for an individual and could develop into more severe conditions.

Tips and comments:

 The best way to avoid mental health diseases is to live an active, healthy lifestyle. It is a fundamental to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, to exercise regularly, and to stay socially and mentally active so as to keep the normalcy and stability of the physical and psychological wellbeing.