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How Viral Diseases Are Transmitted

Published at 07/14/2011 15:03:28

 The diseases transmitted from one person to another would come in every different forms and aspects. These diseases are infectious and could be basically transmitted to the people involved with you. Viral diseases could be very annoying and, at certain times, could be life threatening for an individual. You should not take these matters lightly, for it could be very harmful for you and the people involved in your life. Any living individual could be affected by these deadly microorganisms. Safety and cleanliness must be practiced by every individual so as to avoid transmission of these infectious viruses.

 Diseases and viruses could be transmitted in many different ways. A direct sexual contact is one of the common means of acquiring viruses and diseases. An individual affected with such diseases could basically transmit such diseases to another individual in the form of direct sexual contact. HIV or AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases transmitted through direct contact, and ninety percent of the people diagnosed with AIDS have acquired such from sexual intercourse.


The best way to avoid such diseases is to use a condom during sexual intercourse. These are safety measures that could limit liquid transfusions from sexual organs, and it could certainly protect lives of individuals involved in the exchange. Condoms are designed not only for birth control methods but are also used as protection for sexually transmitted diseases. If you cannot provide a condom in certain situations, then it would advisable to stay away from the act for safety purposes.


An indirect contact could also cause transmission of these diseases. Touching a surface contaminated with it could virtually transmit these viruses. That is the reason several doctors would recommend individuals to wash their hands before eating. This is an indirect form of transmission, and that is why it is advisable to keep your surroundings clean and to wash your hands regularly.


A virus could also be passed on by a disease carrier such as mosquitoes and rats. This is an indirect form of transmission. These hideous animals and insects are sources of deadly viruses. It would be much better if you keep your home free from these living creatures.


Swine flu or H1N1 is one of the most dangerous viruses that have struck our planet not so long ago. These viruses have troubled many individuals from all around the world for a significant period of time. These are air- borne diseases, which basically means that they could be transmitted through air. Wearing masks and avoiding places with possible contamination are the best ways to prevent such viruses from spreading.

 Eating or drinking from a contaminated source is also another manner of acquiring these diseases. Several food sources from around the world are contaminated. It would be helpful to ensure the contents of the food before eating it.


Viral diseases could be transmitted effectively if the public in particular areas stay careless and ignorant about these matters. These microorganisms would carry out what they do best, and it is our responsibility to prevent them from spreading. The diseases transmitted to you could affect the whole community; therefore, it is your duty and responsibility to prevent these viruses from spreading.

Tips and comments:

 In order to avoid acquiring and spreading any contagious diseases transmitted from one person to another, it is crucial to observe proper hygiene all the time. It is best to keep and practice good sanitation both inside and outside the home.


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