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How To Fix Predisposition

Published at 07/15/2011 10:32:48

Predisposition to a certain illness can be triggered because of several genetic or mental reasons. Generally speaking, individuals get predisposed to a type of disease because of exterior factors. While some of them are spiritual and mental, others can be hereditary. A predisposition to alcoholism, panic attacks and obesity for example, can lead to a lot of question marks. 

When it’s clear that someone in the family has a predisposition to alcoholism, people begin to wonder if at a certain age they won’t have to deal with it as well. However, nobody around them can influence their actions because at first, it will be just a probability. It’s not very complicated to fix predisposition to alcoholism. Individuals that are predisposed need power of will because it’s not something that will happen for sure. Only the individual can decide to consume or not a lot of alcohol knowing that someone in his family had to endure alcoholism as well. The individual cannot blame someone for his condition, even if it’s genetic. When it comes to alcoholism only he has the power to stop the predisposition from turning into a condition.

When it comes to predisposition to obesity, the situation is similar. When most members of the family are obese then it’s very likely for siblings to develop the same genes. This doesn’t mean they cannot stop it. It’s really important to understand the situation and it’s even more critical to be aware of the fact that it can be reduced. If you want to fix your predisposition to obesity you’ll just have to understand that a proper diet is necessary to keep your weight under control. In some situations such conditions are just imaginary. Just because the father is overweight for example, this doesn’t mean that the child will also be overweight when he grows up. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of self-control. Two overweight parents must be aware of this fact when they have a baby. If they want to fix his predisposition to overweight, they need to educate the child properly so as to help him exceed the mental idea of being overweight as well.


Due to a hectic lifestyle, people can also develop all kinds of other discomforts as well, like the predisposition to panic attacks for instance. The individual experiences loss of breath, fast heart beatings and excessive sweating. Such condition was in the past very difficult to fix. Today however, there’s counseling, medication and psycho-therapy that can help fix panic attacks. This type of predisposition can be caused from various reasons triggered usually by strong emotions. When people fight, they’re scared or even frightened, their level of adrenalin rises and the predisposition to panic attack kicks in. Certain remedies have proven to be of great help like going to a psychiatrist and talking about the issue or taking pills meant to alleviate anxiety.


Tips and comments:

Overall, regardless of the type, predisposition can be fixed with the right treatment. Individuals must be well aware of the fact that they have a problem and thus, they need to seek counseling. A specialized physician will give them the best advice regarding their predisposition to conditions like alcoholism, overweight, panic attacks and others.