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Mesothelioma Cancer - One Of The Rare Cancerous Diseases

Published at 07/15/2011 18:41:54

Diseases rare to find are certainly one of the most dangerous disorders that an individual could have. These diseases are atypical, which means treatments of such are also scarce and, oftentimes, incurable. Medical conditions of the rare situations would usually cost so much effort and money.


Mesotheliomia or malignant mesotheliomia is one of those diseases rare in this world. It is a type of cancer that virtually attacks the vital organs of the body. Oftentimes, this uncommon disorder is called asbestos cancer due to the reason that such disorder could be acquired through direct exposure to asbestos. Almost all of cases of individuals with such cancer have been associated with asbestos. Around eighty percent of these patients has been exposed to asbestos, and this is believed to be the primary reason why they have acquired such cancer. Individuals who are constantly exposed to radiation could also get such disease.


There are also recent studies claiming that exposure to a mineral called zeolite and an infection caused by a Simian monkey could cause asbestos cancer. However, these findings are yet to be proven and tested. There are no significant findings that could support to such theory.


Mesotheliomia is certainly not just any lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes could not directly affect such cancer, but it could gradually increase the possibilities of having a lung cancer. This type of cancer is virtually caused by asbestos products only. Several cases have caused companies and industries with asbestos products to experience closure and bankruptcy. Asbestos is commonly used in several construction materials.


There are several types of mesothelioma that could occur to a certain individual’s life. Pleural mesothelioma is one of these types. It could cause damage to the lungs and consequently cause difficulties in breathing and swallowing. Endless coughs and several chest burns or pains are symptoms of such disorder. It could eventually cause significant weight loss, constant fever, and fatigue. This cancer basically damages the lining of the lung area.


A pericardial mesothelioma is one of the rarest forms of such disease. Only less than nine percent of mesothelioma patients have this case. Studies are being conducted on solving this mystery. This cancer basically affects the linings in the heart area. Doctors and specialist are investigating on the reason why asbestos could penetrate the tissues of the heart.


These illnesses are certainly life threatening. Doctors have performed experiments with the hopes of curing it. There is no specific cure for it at present, but there are some remedies that could increase the lifespan of an individual with such disease. A surgery could be the life saver for patients suffering from it. The surgery would basically remove the damaged tissues on the affected area. However, not all infected tissues could be removed by such treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to minimize the pain and alleviate the suffering.

Radiation therapy could be used for the treatment of such condition. It would basically kill and remove cancer cells and remove tumors in the body. This form of treatment is also used on several types of cancer.


Prevention from cancer and other diseases should be practiced by everyone. Diseases rare to find are very complex, and the cure for such could be very difficult for anyone.

Tips and comments:

It is always prudent to prevent than to cure diseases, especially the rare ones, which could really be life threatening and untreatable. Mesothelioma cancer can be inhibited by not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals such as asbestos that could trigger this disease.


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