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Information About Infectious Diseases

Published at 12/30/2011 16:08:31


 Statistics show that there are many non-infectious diseases that are the biggest causes of death around the world.  It is also possible to inherit a non-infectious disease. Fortunately, it is impossible to catch a disease that is non-infectious. The same cannot be said about an infectious disease. These types of diseases can be spread in a variety of ways, and different infectious diseases can spread differently. Some of the diseases can spread through nasal secretions, saliva and others can be spread through sexual intercourse or other means of sexual contact.


 It is also possible to spread an infectious disease by contact and mothers can also spread a disease to the fetus if she is pregnant. If you come into contact with a person carrying an infectious disease, it is important that you see an infectious disease specialist who focuses on the causes of the disease and also the treatment for the disease. This specialist also deals with patients who have contacted the HIV virus. You therefore need to be careful when it comes to your sexual relations.

When asking what an infectious disease is, it is a disease that a person can spread to another person. Infectious diseases include viral conditions such as flus, colds and types of parasitical and bacterial infections that the person can transmit. Viral conditions like flu for example can easily be spread from one person to another. Even without body contact you can easily get a flu virus from anyone.


 Making sure that you don’t come into contact with a person who is carrying an infectious disease is something out of our control. Taking public transport to work is not a choice for many people, but a need, and this increases your chances of coming into contact with a person who is carrying an infectious disease. 

The one way you can protect yourself is to make sure that you know how to wash hands. In order to defend yourself against infectious diseases is to make sure that your hands are always clean. You can also use a sanitizing hand rub that you can apply to your hands after touching elevator switches, door handles, window latches and shaking another person’s hands.

Tips and comments

 Practice and educate your family when it comes to defending yourself against these diseases so that you not only make sure they are safe, but also those around you. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you take antiviral tablets especially if you are travelling, you want to make sure you are protected. Although it is possible to protect yourself from getting infectious diseases, it is better to avoid going to places that you know are high risky.

Consult your doctor before travelling or go to your nearest clinic so that they can advice you on what you should take. It is better to be safe than regret later. In cases of infectious diseases like HIV, you will need to protect yourself using condoms or abstinence. Such diseases have no cure as yet,so you have to be very careful who you sleep with.