Overcome Your Humans Fever!
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Overcome Your Humans Fever!

Published at 01/05/2012 00:04:36


 Overcome Your Humans Fever!


Fever is a common condition in humans in which the body temperature elevates from the normal range due to various reasons such as feeling cold, fatigue or dizziness. Apart from these, if you are feeling sweaty, delusional or having a headache, it can also be a sign of fever. Being exposed to extreme sunlight for prolonged periods can also lead to fever and sometimes can also be due to the side effects of your medications. The feeling is quite uncomfortable and you might require bed rest for up to a week. Although humans have a strong immune system, sometimes the simplest of bacteria weaken it. When viruses enter the body, your immune system tries to stop them from causing fever.



 Overcome Your Humans Fever!


When your body temperature elevates above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, this means that you have been overpowered by a fever. Fever is not a very serious ailment and it is even said that being hit by a fever is a good thing for the body. This is because the rising body temperature causes the virus and bacteria to die because they cannot bear the high heat. Hence, we could take it more or less like a natural detox for the body which detoxifies the body from such bacteria and virus. However, the fever should not be taken lightly and can become dangerous for humans. If not treated, it can damage the brain when the temperature reaches up to 104°F. However, it is rare for the fever to exceed 105°F.



 Overcome Your Humans Fever!


Many children and adults have a fear regarding fever which is called ‘fever phobia’ and is very common in parents. The fear grows from a common misconception that fever is a disease and can be harmful. Apart from this, people believe that even temperature slightly above the normal level is a major illness when it is not. Another reason for them to be fearful can be the condition of febrile seizure which can cause damage to the brain. Such misconceptions are due to poor research and most people believe that when faced with fever, children’s brains may melt, according to Professor Barton D. Schmitt. These are major misconceptions and cause anxiety in parents due to which parents endorse medicines. This can interfere with the children’s sleep and can make them restless for longer periods of time. It also causes restlessness in children. However, what you should do is use herbal remedies such as ginger, garlic tea or willows bark which has aspirin like benefits and can be an effective remedy for fever. People even use raisins by soaking them in water and crushing them later. This makes for a good fever reducer too. Holy basil is also an effective remedy for human fever and has been used long before humans realized its medicinal value. Wet sponges applied on the forehead also help decrease the overall body temperature.


Tips and comments


Before taking medicine for any kind of illness, it is always advised that you do your own research as well even if it is a simple fever. If you are apprehensive about using medicines due to the side effects caused in children and adults, you can always use home remedies but if the condition persists do revert back to allopathy as an untreated fever can become dangerous.



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