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How To Treat Diseases That Can Spread!


Diseases spread via direct contact, sexual transmission, via food, water or other sources are often termed as infectious diseases. Examples of some of these deadly disease, which can spread are AIDS, Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea, Chicken Pox, Diphtheria and many more. In order to treat these diseases we need to follow some preventive measures which can stop these diseases from being spread. We all know the fact that “Prevention is better than Cure”. In case of these infectious Diseases spread via contact or via other sources we need to be more careful and thus we can stay away from these diseases. Nowadays, with development of Medical Science various forms of Research have led to Vaccines which can stop Diseases spread as infection.

proper steps to be followed

Diseases spread via sexual transmission can easily be prevented. We need to use modern amenities like Condoms, in order to prevent such infectious diseases. Even keeping a control over our sexual urges for the infected person can help us stay away. Following strict measures, while we involve in sexual activities like having intercourse with only people we know might even help us. In such cases we will be aware of the fact whether the person is affected, with any of the Diseases spread via sexual ways or not.

Diseases spread via other infectious forms like Diphtheria can be prevented if we follow the proper medical procedures of vaccination. There are numerous forms of vaccinations available, in order to help us to stay away from diseases like Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tuberculosis etc… We must give our babies these doses based on the recommendations given by the doctor we consult. There are defined ages for undergoing these vaccination procedures, which must be followed properly.

additional tip

Diseases spread via air, water or food can also be prevented. For example we need to cook Chicken well before consumption in order to avoid diseases like Bird Flu caused by a virus named H1N1. Often adopting steps like 1) drinking only boiled or purified water 2) cooking food very properly and heating food before consumption 3) keeping our hand clean and washed with soap before eating 4) keeping the environment clean and tidy etc. can help us to stay away from Diseases spread via these sources


Staying away from infected person as far as possible is another very important point. Diseases which spread via air can be prevented if we get the infected person cured as fast as possible, and staying away from him or her, until he or she is fully cured. We must remember the fact that the person is dear to us, not the disease he or she is carrying. Therefore, few preventive steps can help us a lot in these cases.


Proper medical consultation at regular intervals, and clearly informing the doctors about the problems we face, can help us a lot. Regular medical checkup can help us to stay away from most of these infectious diseases. We just need to be more careful. Diseases spread because we become very careless and we should always remain careful regarding these things. Diseases spread are good for health and they can even lead to death if not treated instantly.

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