How To Avoid Catching Dieseases
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How To Avoid Catching Dieseases

Published at 02/22/2012 23:44:40


How To Avoid Catching Dieseases

There are many different ways to avoid catching different dieseases that are going around at any given time. If you are an adult that likes to travel the world and have been to a couple of places, you might have experienced a sickness or two. There are a few steps that you can take to avoid being exposed to different dieseases and things that you can do to prepare for your travels.

Step 1

When traveling abroad, you should check and see if that country has any outbreaks going around. Going to your doctor is also advised so that you can get any booster shots for dieseases that are easily contracted including influenza, diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Since most people have been vaccinated when children getting a booster shot will help you avoid  these dieseases. You will also want to make sure that any prescriptions that you take are filled before going abroad. Make sure you keep them in their original containers so you do not get in trouble.

Step 2

While eating food may be appealing from street vendors you may want to avoid them to stop from catching dieseases that are unsanitary. Many street vendors in foreign countries do not have the means to properly disinfect the area that they are making the foods. Eating foods from a street vendor can cause you to pick up food poisoning and other diseases such as E.coli.

Step 3

While it may be tempting to have sexual relations with a foreigner, unless you use precaution it might be best to avoid. You could end up with an STD, and it can take a while for one to show up. It also advisable to avoid getting a tattoo while overseas. It is not known if tattoo parlors practice the same hygiene as the United States when it comes to the needles that they use. Getting a tattoo can open you up to dieseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. All of these can be avoided by not engaging in unsafe practices.

Step 4

This is also a good time to start brushing up on your own hygiene when it comes to hand washing. Think of the hundreds of people that have touched the same items that you have been looking at. It would be wise to buy some hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean during the day when there are no bathroom facilities available. Since there are a lot of dieseases that can be caught by touching things that someone else has infected, washing your hands is very important to do, especially before you eat. You should always make sure to wash your hands before you eat anything.

Step 5

You should also avoid the water. It is okay to take a shower with the water, but do not drink it. It is also advised to avoid dieseases that you stay out of the water. There are different parasites that can live in the water and getting diseases from the water can be very painful. It is best to only drink bottled water when you are in a different country.


How To Avoid Catching Dieseases

These are just some common tips that you can do to avoid catching different dieseases if you will be in a foreign country. Following them will help you to avoid getting sick but is not a guarantee.

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