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What Childhood Diseases Can Be Caused By Consanguineous Marriages


Consanguineous marriages are the marriages of the people who have the same ancestors i.e. the same genes, for example the marriages between cousins. In many religions, consanguineous marriages are austerely banned. But in some cases, they are not strictly prohibited but raise many eyebrows. However, despite of the social condemning, such marriages take place and many of them are successful as well.


Consanguineous marriages are as old as the history of mankind. Many religions prohibited it due to later consequences in life but later it became a trend. Some people mistake these marriages for incest. Incestuous relationships are completely different from consanguinity. Incest is a sin in all religions, whereas consanguinity is not a sin.


Many childhood diseases arise because of consanguineous marriages. The chances of these diseases, in consanguinity, are more than in other marriages. The disease which tops the list is diabetes. Even if the parents of the child are not diabetic, they may carry diabetic genes which are transferred to the baby. Some times the diabetic baby is also obese. In such cases the child remains overweight throughout his life. Other diseases include high blood pressure. Hypertension is also the cause of a baby’s death after a week or two of his birth. If not, he may suffer from epilepsy and strokes in his later life. Heart diseases, depression, various kinds of cancer are also included in these diseases. The diseases can also be of psychological nature like mental abnormalities. The baby can also suffer from asthma because of consanguinity. These diseases are more difficult to treat than the ones which are acquired later in life. This is because when the baby is born, he cannot be immediately operated because of the weak immune system and, therefore, the condition worsens till he gets to an operable stage. Sometimes when the diseases are not so severe, they can be treated, but otherwise certain diseases stay for life, such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Because of these dire consequences, such marriages are prohibited. It may not occur to the couple at first that their marriage could ruin the future lives but afterwards they are guild ridden and cannot do anything. Sometimes, even if the children are not willing to marry, the families pressurize them without thinking of the consequences. Therefore, before taking such colossal decisions, it is necessary and wise to think about the pros and cons.

Tips and comments

Many families also take of the religious scholars as well as doctors to certify the consanguineous marriages. Even if the scholar or doctors tell them not to do so they are adamant on doing it just to climb the status ladder. Many cases of failed consanguinity and those of child diseases re present online. They all are good eye openers. Before taking this step, one should do all the research. People think that these are only so called things and ignore them. They should understand that these matters are not to be ignored. To lead a happy and prosperous life, such issues should be pondered upon as they can change the life of the couple and the baby in the worst possible way.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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