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About Why Cat Faeces Carrys Disease


Cats make great pets and having a cat of a good breed is considered to be a status symbol. However, the maintenance of the cat can be quite costly and can be a hassle as well. Sometimes cats carry diseases which the owners are unaware of. Disposing of feces is a troublesome responsibility. It should be kept in mind that the feces of cats should not be disposed of in the compost bins. They are carnivorous so their feces carrys many parasites which are harmful for the other organisms, such as plants for which the waste materials of animals are necessary for the growth.

Feces of many animals are considered to be beneficial for plants. These animals include goats, horses, pigeons, cows, ducks and pigs. It is because of the fact they are herbivorous i.e. they feed on plants and grasses. The waste material of these animals does not carrys any parasites and protozoa’s and therefore can be disposed in the common compost bins.

Cat feces not only carrys parasites but also other viruses and bacteria as well. It is because it eats other animals and sometimes when it roams around in the street, who knows what insects it eats. Some of them are poisonous as well due to which the cats suffer from intestinal problems and lose stomach. In those days, the risk of its feces spreading diseases is at its highest. Sometimes because of cats’ feces, many skin diseases and breathing disorders are transmitted to human beings and if not treated in time, they can be fatal as well. The feces of the cats also carrys certain viruses and germs which can be extremely harmful for the other animals as well especially birds. The disease can spread not only through physical contact but also through breathing. This is what causes breathing disorders in human beings especially in the children because their immune system is not as strong as that of adults.

Tips and comments

Therefore, it is necessary to take your cats to vets on a regular basis. It is also very important to clean the litter boxes of the cats daily, because it is from there where every problem arises. It is better to replace the litter bin with a new one after every month. Nowadays many advance litter boxes are also available which scoop, flush and dry the litter bin itself. The litter box can also be attached to the flush in the washrooms. The kind of cat food you feed to your cats also should also be of a reliable company. Sometimes, the cat food causes many diseases in cats which in turn cause plants diseases. The feces when buried in the ground, and if it carrys parasites than the parasites, effect the plants. These plants when consumed by the people results in many diseases such as cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis and toxoplasmosis. The symptoms of all these diseases are intolerable abdominal pains, diarrhea, nausea and breathing issues. People should avoid cuddling with the cats when they are sick and carrys a lot of infection. They should sleep in your beds in any condition, whether they are healthy or not. If you think that you are active enough and responsible enough to keep and clean the cat, only then bring one into the house.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/20/2012
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