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Top New Tends in Preventing Heart Disease

Published at 02/22/2012 23:48:31


Heart disease has plagued the human race for decades and more newer tends of preventing this condition have been emerging as more evidence to the real factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease are discovered every now and then. Researchers’ have been working round the clock to get a handle on the combination of factors that give rise to the real cause of the heart disease in order to prevent and treat the disease effectively. As more evidence and information emerges from these scholars modern tends of preventing the conditions emerge as better solutions are sought in pursuit for lasting solution and cure of heart ailments.

Step 1

In the past some factors were top on the list of the cause for heart disease; this includes cholesterol levels among other issues. As more research is conducted in to the real causes of the heart diseases some scholar are arguing that certain inflammations may be worse than cholesterol in causing heart ailments. As a result of the emerging evidence the newer tends in preventing heart disease might concentrate more in preventing and treating such inflammations than trying to discourage the human race from accumulating high levels of cholesterol in their systems.

Step 2

Due to the new tends of fighting heart disease most medical experts are advising clients to seek a new blood test whenever they visit their health practitioner about C- reactive protein. Most of the medical experts are warning that the presence of low-grade inflammation in your system which is likely to show up as increased CRP levels in your system may be more responsible for heart disease regardless of whether one has high cholesterol levels or not. These newer tends in combating heart disease seeks to ensure that low-grade inflammations which are at times ignored or goes without being detected are treated so as to preempt the occurrence of heart ailments.

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Research has shown that people with CRP levels above 3mg per liter of carries a higher risk in getting heart attacks as much as people with high levels of cholesterol. The newer tends argue that chronic low-grade inflammation is responsible for increasing your risk even when your cholesterol levels are normal.

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The emerging tends in fighting heart disease argues that plague build up which occurs as a person ages is made worse by inflammations. These act to soften the built up plague in the arteries which is likely to swell and burst thus chocking off blood flow which leads to heart attack. As a result of these tends CPR testing is recommended which seeks to detect inflammation long before it begins posing a serious threat to the person. Such screening at the earliest possible opportunity ensures that people at risk get to take steps in reversing the problem.

Step 5

Other factors that the new tends are pointing to as real leading cause of heart disease includes smoking, obesity and inactivity, these three have been shown to contribute highly to the cause of heart ailments. Health experts all agree that as part of the emerging trends in prevention of heart problems people should exercise regularly, quite smoking and feed on right diet.


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