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How to manage polio disease

Published at 03/03/2012 17:13:13


There are a few diseases which have marked such horrible pages in the history of mankind, these diseases that brought most disastrous results to the whole world by either killing the people or by making them disabled to live the life in the way they wanted to. One of such dreadful diseases is polio disease. The year before the vaccination for polio disease was discovered, was one of the darkest years in American history as this disease started to spread uncontrollably via the viruses, affecting every human coming in its way, thus killing several and disabling even more. The whole nation was devastated by the polio disease and the discoveries in the preparation for the vaccination for polio disease were enhanced and at least the scientist was able to produce a working sample of polio vaccination. From that time the polio disease has much lessened in its effect, however there are cases of polio in almost all the countries of the world.

Step 1

Polio is basically a viral disease that spreads via the microorganisms called viruses. It is known to enter the body of the person via their mouth and then starts showing the effects. It has also been observed that not all the times the germs of polio cause the polio disease, sometimes they remain inactive in the body but if they become active, they show their presence by causing either the paralysis or by making some part of the body inoperable. Unfortunately polio is an incurable disease and cannot be cured once it gets active in your body. However there is one and only way of stopping the disease from spreading which is by the use of vaccination.

Step 2

Young children in their very early years of life are supplied with the vaccination to stop the transmission and spread of the disease. It is vital to get each and every kid vaccinated in order to eliminate this disease from the whole world. This disease is usually found to be in the people of those areas where the health facilities are either unavailable or the availability is very poor.

Step 3

It is the responsibility of the government of each country to make sure that each and every child is properly vaccinated. In the past years an exponential downfall of the polio disease has been observed but still it is necessary to control and manage the spread of the disease.

Step 4

This disease spreads from person to person contact and is usually seen in the children. When a child gets affected by polio, he spreads the germs of disease in his wastes. These germs enter the other person’s body via the mouth and on reaching the intestine, starts to manipulate.

Step 5

It is evident that the spread of the disease is noticeable in those areas where there is no care taken in the disposal of wastes and a poor hygiene as well as poor drainage system surrounds the environment. The government must make sure to get rid of such things that are responsible for the spread of the disease.


Providing proper drainage and ensuring hygiene for everyone will help prevent not only polio but also many other diseases.

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