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How To Treat Verticillium Wilt


Many people just love their plants as they love their own kids and it really is a killing thing for them if they observe their plants get attacked by the disease because in plants usually the disease spreads in a very devastating way, as it covers all the plants in the vicinity. It is therefore necessary for all the plant lovers to know about the various diseases and their cures. Verticillium Wilt is one of such diseases that kills the plants and is basically a fungal disease that starts attacking the plants in your garden from the soil. You must know what to do and how to act and control the Verticillium Wilt. This disease affects almost all the species of the plants including the vegetables that grow either under the ground or above the ground which majorly includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and squash. The other plants that get affected by Verticillium Wilt are those that grow naturally in which maple is the one with the highest rating as it plays as the best host for it. The floral plants in the garden are also infected by Verticillium Wilt and major ones in this category are sunflower, strawberry, shrubs etc.

Step 1

Let us have a look at the effective tips and techniques for the prevention or control of this disease. For this purpose you must be aware of the symptoms of Verticillium Wilt to know what to do if it is happening. As the name suggests the Verticillium Wilt’s first symptom is the wilting of the plants. This is caused because the Verticillium Wilt secretes some poisonous elements which are harmful for the plants and thus they start weakening it.

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Due to the lack of energy, the plant loses its immunity to the diseases thus becoming feeble against the attack of the disease. This in turn causes wilting. Some other symptoms of Verticillium Wilt are the turning of the leaves to either yellow or brown color and then the curling of the leaves due to getting dead.

Step 3

The only way to treat this disease is to eliminate or remove all those plants that have the infection on them, this will save the rest of the garden from getting diseased. Try to remove the infected plants as soon as you come to know about the disease because you never know how quick the growth might be.

Step 4

However if the symptoms are mild and few, then there will be no need to remove the plants from their places, let them stay in the garden till your patch is ready to be taken as there will be the minimal chance of the spread of Verticillium Wilt.

Step 5

You will also observe the leaves to start falling down, followed by the reduction in the size and amount of the fruit. Once you have detected the disease in the plants, now you must go ahead to eliminate it. Fungicides do not affect the soil beneath the plant to kill the cause hence they are useless for Verticillium Wilt.


Keep treating your vegetable patch with the suggested treatments for the soil in your area and try cultivating those plants which do not have the danger of getting attacked by this disease to save yourself and your garden from suffering.

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