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Published at 03/06/2012 12:55:34


There are a few things that add to the beauty and personality of the person and for which it is never easy to make compromises. One of such things about, which both men and women are highly concerned and cannot afford to lose them, is definitely the hair. It is not in the present times that people are curious about their hair; rather it has been long in the nature of human beings that they love their hair and want to have them in a good form. Not only have them, rather have them in a very healthy and beautiful form too. Hair fall or hair loss diseases are the worst thing that could ever happen to your hair and despite the fact that you try them to stick to your head, they keep falling. To avoid hair loss you must know exactly why it happens and what the ways are for the prevention of the diseases hair loss. A nominal amount of the hair loss diseases are not bad because the natural cycle of the hair growth involves the growth and breakage of the hair. The new hair takes place of the fallen ones, thus the cycle keeps moving, keeping your hair alive.


Here you will find all about the hair loss but first you must realize that the hair loss in not an abrupt thing that happens, it keeps on going but at a specific stage it becomes so pronounced that you become worried about it. As we know there always is a reason behind everything, therefore it is necessary to kill the cause in order to kill its effect. Let us see what causes the hair loss happen. Sometimes the hair loss happens after you have recovered from a disease or that you have had a surgery. It  can happen because of stress and usually the excessive medication results in the hair loss too. This is not a very dreadful form of hair loss as it is for some time and the hair starts growing again after the hair loss. Some hormonal activities are also responsible for the hair loss diseases, majorly the thyroid gland is the one that makes your hair fall excessively, this happens if the thyroid gland starts working inefficiently, either it gets over active or it gets underactive.


Sometimes the hormonal imbalance causes the hair loss too, at times it makes hair grow too much, and this can be overcome simply by taking the medication to balance the amount of hormones. Sometimes the hair loss is observed a few months after having the baby, this also happens due to the imbalance of the hormones in the body during the pregnancy period. Sometimes the hair loss diseases starts with the use of a certain medicine. It too is nothing to worry about as it will cease as soon as you finish your course of medicine. There are a few infections that might cause the hair loss, these infections affect the scalp, thus weakening the roots of the hair that result in the hair loss diseases.

Tips and comments

Sometimes some specific hairstyles and hair treatments to cause the hair fall, this can be stopped by taking some treatment to avoid it.


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