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Diseases nail, are produced due to an injury to the nail or imbalance in the body. If not all, many people suffer from some type of common diseases nail. When in doubt, please visit your physician for an appropriate diagnosis. Distorted, yellowed or otherwise unpleasant abnormal fingernails and toenails are very common difficulties experienced by individuals of all ages in the community. Diseases nail, may be triggered by an injury, fungous disease, or other skin illnesses such as psoriasis or eczema. The nail is made up of numerous components which form, support, shields and frames the nail. These comprise of the following, nail matrix, the nail plate, the cuticle, the nail bed and nail folds. The nail unit safeguards fingertips, augments fine touch and is vital as a cosmetic structure.


There is no recorded history regarding diseases nail, but one can say since the beginning of time people have suffered from different types of diseases nail. The history of nail care can be found as far back as early Egypt. Ancient Egyptian texts talks about how women and even men put makeup on their cheeks, painted around their eyes and by using henna they would redden their palms. Three thousand year old, gold manicure utensils have been found in Egyptian catacombs. In olden Egypt, having long, red nails was a symbol of freedom from labor. Well-manicured nails were reserved for elites of society. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt stated that red nail coloring was only permitted to be worn by aristocrats.


There are quite a few diseases nail, the most commonly seen are as follows; Paronychia infections of the nail fold can be triggered by bacteria, fungi and some germs. The proximal and lateral nail folds act as a blockade, or seal, amongst the nail plate and the adjoining tissue. If a scratch or a break occurs in this seal, the bacterium can effortlessly enter. This category of diseases nail is categorized by pain, soreness and enlargement of the nail folds. If the bacterium has passed in between the nail plate and the nail bed, it will cause the same bruising and can cause the nail plate to rise up from the nail bed of
Pseudomonas bacterium A fungal or yeast contamination which outcomes in Onychomycosis, can enter through a slit in the proximal and lateral nail folds. This category of infection is characterized by nail plate split-up with apparent debris underneath the nail plate. It generally appears white or yellowish in color and it can also alter the texture and form of the nail. The fungus eats up the keratin protein of which the nail plate includes.

Tips and Comments

If you are suffering from any kind of disease, may it be a nail disease, skin or any other. It is vital that you pay a visit to a physician or a doctor who has expertise regarding the ailment you are suffering from. Nail diseases are commonly caused by unhygienic circumstances, keep a close watch on your hygiene, that way for sure you will protect yourself from all sorts of diseases.

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