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Eyes That Turn Yellows


Human eyes are a gift of God. They allow us to enjoy the sights of this world and make us appreciate what a great artist God is. The mountains, the lakes, the green grass, the deserts and everything there is on this planet are God’s work of art and eye is the tool to appreciate and admire such beauty. The human eyes are very delicate and therefore should be taken great care of. Unfortunately many people suffer from eye diseases and eyes turning yellows is one of them. There are a number of reasons for this disease and it should be cured as soon as possible. Yellows in eyes are a sign of illness and it also results in adverse effect on eye sight.


The curious case of eyes turning yellow dates back to centuries. It happens due to multiple reasons and in early days people believed it to be some divine intervention or a result of witch craft and wizardry. Also some people thought of this as a deadly disease making a person’s eye color change. Many people lost their lives due to this since no cure was available at that time. As medical science advanced with the passage of time and people started to bust the myths related to diseases it was revealed that yellows in eyes were caused due to a multiple of reasons and it was not divine intervention that was responsible for it.


Jaundice is the main culprit behind the yellows in human eyes for centuries. Jaundice itself is not a disorder, in fact it is an indication that either the human liver or the red blood cells are not working properly. Not only does it result in yellow eyes but also leaves a yellowish texture on the human skin. Liver malfunction is also a reason for human eyes going yellow. The main reason behind this is the intake of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol interferes in the standard operations of liver in human body and this results in liver malfunctioning and yellow eyes. Not many people suffer from liver problems that are caused by alcohol and this happen only in rare cases. Another root cause of eyes going yellow is anemia. During anemia the number of red blood cells in human body start disintegrating and this results in the yellow texture. Anemia not only affects the eyes but also the human body. The change in eye color is one of the first signs and it should not be taken lightly in any given scenario.

Tips and comments

If your eyes start to show a glimpse of yellows, a visit to the doctor should be arranged on priority basis. Anemia can be cured easily by either blood transfusion or by eating foods and medicine that help in rebuilding red blood cells. Eyes turning yellow due to liver means serious disorder in the liver and repairing this organ is a very tough job. If the lever is badly damaged, normally a liver transplant is required and this results in a lot of expense and an adverse effect on health.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/22/2012
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Eyes That Turn Yellows. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.