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What Are Some Gland Diseases?

Published at 02/23/2012 00:49:47


Our pituitary glands are one of the most important organs in our body. Although tiny, they are extremely beneficial to us as they produce and secrete many hormones that allow our bodies to function, perform and assist in protecting our overall health. There are many gland diseases recognized by medical professionals. Some of them being more serious than others, but all of them being important to recognize and understand.

Common Gland Diseases

Goiters: A thyroid goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. Those with a thyroid goiter usually experience problems and trouble breathing as well as swallowing. A thyroid goiter compresses structures such as the trachea and the esophagus but can be surgically removed if found.

Thyroiditis: Thyroiditis is one of the most common gland diseases. Thyroiditis is an inflammatory issue within the thyroid gland. Those who suffer from Thyroiditis usually experience painful fevers and aches and body pains. There are a number of reasons why someone may have Thyroiditis and these reasons can usually be determined by your doctor.

Thyroid Cancer: Thyroid Cancer is probably one of the scariest gland diseases. Although mostly malignant, it is still a form of cancer. Thyroid cancer can effect people of any age and can usually be treated efficiently. Some common symptoms of thyroid cancer include: hoarseness, swollen lymph nodes and severe neck pain.

Hyperthyroidism : Hyperthyroidism is another common disease when it comes to gland diseases. Hyperthyroidism is when you're producing too much thyroid hormone. It is not a life threatening illness and is usually treated by taking anti thyroid drugs or iodine. Some common symptoms of hyperthyroidism include: a fast resting heart rate, heart palpitations , heat intolerance, hair loss, weight loss, fatigue and light or absent menstrual periods.

Hypothyroidism : Hypothyroidism another common disease associated with gland diseases. Hypothyroidism is when you're not producing enough thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is far more common than we think and is often present for a number of years before it's diagnoses and treated. Many people have Hypothyroidism and do not even realize it. Some common symptoms of Hypothyroidism include: frequent muscle aches, constipation, depression, weakness, difficulty maintaining or losing weight and a decreased libido. Hypothyroidism is treated by T4 replacement hormones.

How to Avoid Gland Diseases

In order to avoid gland diseases, there are a couple things you can do. First, if you smoke, quit! Smoking greatly increases your chances of getting a gland disease. Secondly, a well balanced and nutritious diet can also protect you against gland diseases. Also, stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Another great tip to avoid gland diseases is to practice good oral hygiene. This means brush your teeth at least twice daily and use dental floss. It is also suggested you visit with your doctor frequently, just to receive check ups and to make sure you have a clean bill of health. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, don't wait it out, get an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible so you can determine what is effecting your health.