Genetic Diseases Jewish People Are Susceptible To
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Genetic Diseases Jewish People Are Susceptible To

Published at 02/22/2012 19:18:27


Genetic Diseases Jewish People Are Susceptible To

Genetic or hereditary diseases are caused by mutations in the genetic code. Usually the Risk factor for the Genetic disease varies within a population. Unlike diseases like Diabetes and Heart problems these diseases are not developed these Genetic disorders are found from the time of Birth itself. Detailed studies have been made on people of Jewish ethnicity and the number of Genetic Diseases Jewish People Are Susceptible to be very high, especially in the Ashkenazi Jews. Medical Genetics of Jews have been thoroughly studied hence screening and treatment for many of the possible Genetic disorders id possible.


Modern study of Genetics aims solely at identifying genetic disorders to avoid defective Child birth and also to help people with high risk genes before they develop any kind of disorder. Even after a number of racist related issues people of the Jewish communities are one of the most cooperative people helping to study their genetics very much. Ashkenazi Jews have been highly studied as they have a high level of Endogamy. These people show the highest number of studied genetic disorders in a group. While some argue that the amount of importance given to Genetic Diseases Jewish population has in research literature is over exaggerated. This is due to fact that due to high level of compliance of Jewish people many genetic disorder studies are been conducted in Israel were bulk of the Jewish community resides.


Most of the Genetic Diseases Jewish People Are Susceptible to is not uncommon in other groups or ethnicity but their occurrence is well documented in Ashkenazi Jews. Some of the Diseases are Bloom syndrome, Canavan disease, Breast cancer and ovarian cancer, Congenital deafness, Cystic fibrosis, Haemophilia C, Familial hypercholesterolemia, Familial hyperinsulinism, Fanconi anemia C, Gaucher disease, Mucolipidosis IV, Niemann–Pick (type A), Nonclassical 21 OH deficiency ,Parkinson's disease, Tay–Sachs, Torsion dystonia, Usher syndrome etc. The only Disease completely unique to this group is Familial dysautonomia. Individual can be tested by Taking a blood sample and looking for the problematic gene. Once identified if he is a carrier or a person under risk of particular Disease needed medical intervention can be made.

Tips and comments

Diseases especially Parkinson’s disease had a high occurrence in old Jewish population. Parkinson’s is a Disease in which rapid mental Degeneration occurs as the person ages. The gene sampling techniques have helped save hundreds of potential patients. Gaucher's disease is another one of Dangerous Genetic Diseases Jewish people are highly prone to with a very high carrier rate of one in seven Jews. In this condition lipids accumulate in inappropriate locations this can lead to Brain Damage or Damage to other critical organs.

Familial dysautonomia is one of the rarest Genetic Disorder is almost only seen in Jewish Community. Jewish people are 100 times more likely to develop this disorder than any other people. All these disorders have been found to be handled easily after identification using proper medications. The disease needs to be diagnosed properly to get cured. The evolution in science and technology has made it possible to cure the disease.