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Best Methods For Treating Parkinson's Diseases

Published at 02/25/2012 01:59:58


A common degenerative disorder of the central nervous system is known as Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms related to the motor functions of the brain act as the symptoms to this disease, when generally the cells generating Dopamine starts to die, in the substantia nigra region of the midbrain. Shaking, rigidity, and various other forms of locomotive disorders are associated with Parkinson's diseases.


Step 1

Levodopa (otherwise popular as L-Dopa) is a common form of drug which is used in Parkinson's diseases. This drug when taken as prescribed is converted in the midbrain region of the affected patients, into dopamine, the lock which actually cause the motor related symptoms.

Therefore, this drug has been able to successfully treat the patients of the Parkinson's Diseases, due to the presence of dopa-decarboxylase as an enzyme within the midbrain region. Various patients have been relieved from the motor symptoms due to this disease, via the use of this drug.

Step 2

There are various other forms of drugs available in order to treat Parkinson's diseases. Few of these drugs are Dopamine agonists, MAO-B inhibitors, amantadine, and anticholinergic drugs. Generally, the Dopamine agonists work almost in the same way as the Levodopa drugs. These drugs have almost the same rate of success as Levodopa. Generally, these drugs are administered based on the degree of the Parkinson's diseases.

Step 3

Deep brain based stimulation techniques and surgery: In earlier times, when Levodopa was not discovered. Surgeries have become more advanced for Parkinson's Diseases. Therefore, surgeries are only applied for the critical cases where Levodopa and other such drugs are not working anymore, or the patient's condition is such, that a better form of more rapid treatment is required. Lesion based and deep brain based stimulation surgeries are generally the two main types of surgeries used in case of Parkinson's Diseases.

Step 4

These techniques can help those symptoms a lot, which is related to speech and locomotion based. Though further studies are needed and often many people lose their patience in such forms of treatments, but it has been shown that physiotherapy and other forms of rehabilitationbased techniques can help in a lot of ways.


Various yoga techniques and even meditation have been used in order to bring changes in the life of the people who are suffering from Parkinson's diseases.Dietary Techniques to the rescue: It has often been seen that the muscles and nerves which are associated with the digestive system gets affected by the people suffering from this disease.

Use of a proper and well-administered diet can help patients affected in such symptoms. Always try to maintain a healthy diet. it can save you from other diseases.