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What Diseses Attack Older People


Once people gets into old age, they are prone to a lot of diseses and conditions that only attack the old. These diseses are majorly dominated by a lot of factors that may determine others being affected with the diseses or not. These factors include the environment, health factors and personal psychological condition. These diseases range from balancing disorder, bleppharitis, cancer, diabetes, eye diseses, heart attack, postrate cancer, menopause, stroke and many others just to mention but a few. There are those diseses that are common globally while others are dictated by the factors mentioned before. Lots of these common diseses can be treated or prevented while some are neither curable nor preventable.


Prostate cancer

This is a type of cancer that is characterized with the old age and affects the men.it happens when the cancer cells grow in the prostate. It majorly affects men between the age of 55 years or over. It can also be caused by genetic history and high-fat diet. The disease is characterized by an urge to frequently urinate or not being able to urinate, difficulty in having an erection and weak urine flow among other symptoms. Prostate cancer can be treated dependent on the extend of cancer spread.the treatment may include pelvic lymphadenectory surgery or through radiation of different methods.


Heart attack

This is also another common old age disease that affects both sexes. It is caused by interruption of the heart muscle leading to oxygen not being able to get into the muscle causing tissue damage. It is caused by many factors such as thickening of the arteries walls,fat accumulation in the arteries among other minor factors. Some of the major factors include old age, diabetes, smoking and even stress. Some of the symptoms are frequent nausea, confusion, fainting or unconsciousness and stomach ache. These symptoms vary with gender. The treatment can be done through administering pain-relief drugs,nitrate medication and oxygenation.

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Diabetes is a disease that is also common with the old people all over the world. It is mainly caused by having a high level of sugar in your blood. The sugar level in your blood is high when your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or when your muscle, fat and liver cells do not respond to the less insulin produced by your pancreas. There are three core types of diabetes based on age. Type1, type2 and gestational diabetes in women. Type 1 affects the younger age and is not so common compared to type2 and three that affect adults. The major risk factor to diabetes is old age between the ages of 45 years or above and also heart attack that also affects the old as seen earlier. The disese is characterized by blur vision,nausea,vomiting and fatigue. The treatment of diabetes is generally aimed at prolonging life, reduce symptoms though the complete treatment is not assured as these are measures aimed at containing the diseses in old age.

These are just a few of the many diseses that the old age adults are prone to and may face daily.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 02/22/2012
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