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How To Identify Poultry Diseases


Possible ways of identifying poultry disease

Poultry is a type of farming that involves the keeping of domesticated birds so as produce eggs, meat, feathers and for aesthetic value. These birds are normally prone to diseases that may undermine the production. If not taken into consideration then a farmer may lose the birds or even the products. The birds include chickens, ducks,goose,swan,turkey gunea fowl among others. These  poultry diseases include histomoniasis,laryngotrachetis,streprococcal infection,black head,cholera

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There are basic symptoms 0f poultry diseases that can detect in the farm .Emaciation is one of the ways for a farmer to find out if the flock have diseases. It is caused by off- feed deficiency,gizzard impaction,tuberculosis and other factors. A farmer can also be able to observe if the birds are having ruptures air sac that might cause swelling. This is due to a disease commonly known as edema. Twitching or muscular spasm can also be a symptom of bursal disease in the poultry. Trembling of the birds may be a cause fr alarm as it may cause brain damage to the birds or rather known as epidemic tremor. Some birds may begin to dehydrate due to lack of water or even diseases such as coccidiosis and nutritional imbalance.

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The birds can also be sick if they start lying on down and their legs are paralised . This is caused by algae poisoning or drug toxicity. Apart from the skin infections, there are other feather symptoms that may be evident for example when the underwing is moist this may be as aresult of infectious coyza disease. The birds can also suffer frm boken upper thighs that may be caused by self picking. Some of these poultry diseases as stated below can either by treated through diagnosis some aretreated by directly injection of drugs or by vaccination. These injections and vaccination can be done by the farmer or by a qualified vetenary doctor . These symptoms range from every part of the birds body. From the comb,feathers,legs,thighs,head,beaks,eyes,wattles,neck and head.


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These type of poultry diseases can be identified based on its symptoms on the bird. It particularly affects chickens and turkey and is caused by a parasite. The symptoms that a farmer may use to find out if the poultryis affected may include the bird has poor or stagnated growth, the birds appetite reduces, the bird diarrheas a yellow substance that is dry. Among these signs a farmer will notice the bird’s feathers start to ruffle. A farmer should be very keen with these symptomsof the poultry diseases.


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they are the most infectious poultry diseases that is caused through bacterial infection. This disease is found in the soil and is infrequent. If the bird feeds on soil it may be exposed to this disease. Some of the symptoms that a farmer can use to detect the disease is when the bird starts to have late difficulty in laying eggs and the damage of liver if the bird is dissected.

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The poultry diseases just like histomoniasis is hardly curable.

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