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Most Common Diseases Of European People


Recent Developments in medical science has made it easy to find out regional diseases and help control their spread. These are diseases whose incidence is highest in certain regions and populations. There are various reasons for such regional diseases high incidence in certain Areas. Certain climatic conditions are more suitable for development of disease causing infectious germs and bacteria. Also certain genetic mutations and disorders caused by malfunctioned genes are more prevalent in certain populations. Europe is the second smallest continent my surface area on Earth. It has a rich history and culture. Like all regions there are Regional diseases here as well. The Most Common European Diseases People suffer from are many and vary along the countries.


Historically speaking Europe is considered to be the birth place of Modern society. But in the middle Ages there are lots of Reports of European Diseases. The plague is considered to be the most Devastating of European diseases of all time. Till the Eighteen Century more than 100 such plagues swept across Europe killing millions of people. More than 30 million people died due to this pandemic. Many of the European states have united into the European Union and address common Economic, social, health problems together. The World health Organization and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has released a list of Most Common Diseases Of European People. They have also started vaccination program and awareness campaign eradicate these disease. The European Diseases in the list are Haemophilus influenza (HiB) diseases, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Malaria, Measles, Rubella, Poliomyelitis, Rotavirus, Sexually transmitted infections and Tuberculosis.


World health Organization (WHO) is currently helping in Distribution of vaccines to various European Diseases on the list to High Risk Region and Nations in Europe. Also financial and Technical help are being provided to Countries with Improper Health care facilities for these Diseases. While Non curable Diseases like HIV/ADS and Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in EU. Awareness Programs are being conducted to educate people to help avoid them. An Epidemic Response center for controlling and dealing with incidence of communicable disease has also been set up. Cystic fibrosis and Huntington disease are Genetic Disorders predominately found in European population. Is a recessive genetic disease affecting lungs and other vital organs. It is been Found that one in twenty Five people of European Decent carry this gene Disorder Making Cystic fibrosis the most widely affecting European Disease. Huntington disease is a brain disorder that causes uncontrolled movements and emotional problems mainly affecting middle age people. Since both these European Diseases are Genetic only the Symptoms can be reduced by medicines and there is no particular cure for them.

Tips and comments

While Governments and various Health organizations are working hard to tackle these regional Diseases people a huge role in their Elimination. People with high Risk factor such undergo regular checkups and get vaccinated at the Earliest. By performing Tests on babies during pregnancy Fetus with defective genes can be aborted early. Awareness campaigns must also be conducted at school and college level to educate youth which will help in permanently Eradicating these European Diseases.

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