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Difference Between Viruse And Cold


Viruses are agents that attack the cells and infect them. They attack the cells and when the immune systems of a body can no longer fight against the virus the virus starts reproducing thus affecting numerous cells, causing a severe function. A viruse can attack the cell of any organism whether it is a human, an animal or any other species. The common cold is usually mistaken with many other things such as sore throats and chest congestions. The common cold more commonly known as the flu is basically caused by the Influenza Virus and affects the upper respiratory system.


A cold can not be separated from a viruse. As the cold is basically a kind of viruse, but it is still important to understand the minor difference between the both. The common cold or flu usually affects areas such as the throat, chest and nose and thus ends up as a fever usually. The probability of having fever in adults and grown children is much less then that of in infants and toddlers. Symptoms of catching the common cold are runny noses, watering eyes, excessive sneezing and uneasiness in the body. Another symptom of catching the common cold could be headache. It has no primary cause and can be caught even due to weather change. The basic prevention against the common cold is washing hands, keeping you clean and maintaining oral hygiene. The common cold is also a type of Viruse. Nature has its own way of dealing with the viruse that has entered a body. For instance sneezing ejects it from the nose, coughing ejects it from the throat, vomiting ejects it from the stomach and diarrhea from the intestines.


Colds can be caught from one person to another. Although the time of being infected by it and realizing the symptoms varies from person to person the usual time period that it takes one to realize is 1-5 days. It lasts for usually 7 days. Most people usually catch colds and have flu once at least during a year and recover themselves as it is not a very dangerous viruse. But while it lasts, it causes uneasiness and your whole body aches. Moving on, the only difference between a cold and virus is that the cold or flu is only caused by one viruse that is the influenza virus whereas there are hundreds of different sorts of viruses that exist and the Influenza virus is just one of them.

Tips and comments

We can call a cold a viruse. But it can not be considered the only viruse that exists. There are many other different viruses that are much more contagious and dangerous then the influenza virus. Viruses can be transmitted from one person to another. A few commonly known viruses except the Influenza virus are herpes, cold sores and HIV / Aids which can be sexually transmitted. Mumps, chicken pox, shingles, pneumonia and hepatitis are also a few commonly known viruses. Eating healthy and maintenance of hygiene could prevent such diseases from entering your body and keeping you healthy. Nevertheless, You should always consult a doctor because you can never be sure even the slightest cold could turn into something dangerous.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/24/2012
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