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How To Get Free Online Information From the Biomedcentral Publishers


Biomedcentral is an open access journal publication of science, technology and medicine analysis that offers complete variety of research articles without restriction and permanently available online upon broadcast. They are the first and largest open access science publisher that produces in-house six flagship journals: Journal of Biology, Genome of Medicine, Arthritis Research and Therapy, Genome Biology and Breast Cancer Research. Access to produced articles is categorized by open access, free, open data and subscription. All publishers in biomedcentral will preserve the copyright of their work, certifying it under Creative Commons Attribution License. The license grants the articles to be reused and redistributed freely if the original works are properly noted.

Step 1

Manually download journals from their official website. You can visit www.biomedcentral.com to check published documents, under the category of “open access” and “open data”, covering the fields of biology and medicine. “Open access” articles are always available online. As long as the consumers properly cited the articles, they can reproduce, distribute and use the journals without restrictions in any condition. Under “open data” category, all articles are freely accessible for public use. Any user can download, re-process, copy and use them for whatever purpose it may serve without financial and legal obligation.

Step 2

Register an account. Articles labeled as “free” is ready for use to registered biomedcentral consumer. Although, all authentic study of articles in the journals belongs to open access category; Admission to other articles with premium content is restricted to subscribers only. Yet, supplements published by these journals are attainable free of charge to registered users.

Step 3

Sign up for articles alerts. You will get alerts from biomedcentral latest post in your email inbox every day and will keep you informed about the latest journals , new contents, features case report, free review and features articles that are added to their archive.

Step 4

Sign up for email notice. By loading your email address in the engine, you will receive straight to your mailbox free periodic news and updates relating to biomedcentral products.

Step 5

Connect with biomedcentral’s growing online communities. You can follow biomedcentral on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Through this social network sites, you can interact with other researchers, keep abreast on latest updates, and gain access to multimedia files. It will help consumers to have a fast connection and accessibility to biomedcentral journals and products, such as in LinkedIn networking site, you can interact with the Authors and Editors, BMC Research Notes Editorial Board Members, BioMed Central Editors-in Chief and many others. Another is on Twitter, you can access the BMC series, Chemistry Biology, Open Repository and so on.


I hope that by following these simple steps, you can get all the free online information that you need in areas covering the STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) from the wide biomedcentral sources.

With biomedcentral commitment in consistently meeting the full and stringent peer review policy, and ensures the ethical integrity of work, they have been proven to be the worlds number one choice.

By Rodel, published at 03/06/2012
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How To Get Free Online Information From the Biomedcentral Publishers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.