How To Identify Fungi Diseases In Plants
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How To Identify Fungi Diseases In Plants

Published at 02/27/2012 00:37:41


How To Identify Fungi Diseases In Plants

A fungus is a parasite found on plants and flowers. It damages the plant and creates many kinds of problems. The fungi diseases are very harmful and are caused by the changes in the weather conditions and because of many deficiencies. These fungi diseases are also caused by the insects that start living on the plants. These insects damage the plant in many ways. The damage is sometimes permanent, and often it results in the death of the plants. Some of the insects result in many kinds of fungal diseases, which cause the death of the plant. There are many different kinds of fungi, which cause diseases. The various kinds of fungi are divided into many different kinds because of their structure, their reproductive ways and because of the distinctive kinds of food that they take in. When a plant in your garden gets attacked by these fungal parasites, there are many reasons, which result in the bad condition of your plant in the first place and secondly, these diseases are identified by many different characteristics of the plant which are unusual and peculiar.

Step 1

Many of the peculiar conditions include the appearance of thread like structures growing on the plant. These thread-like fungi spread all over the plant. It is on the leaf, the stem and the petiole. The plant loses its grace and becomes weak. This is a particular effect of fungi diseases in a plant.

Step 2

The next thing by which you can identify the fungi disease in a plant is by observing the various and peculiar kinds of spots that start appearing on the outer layer of the plant and gives the plant a very unattractive and strange look.

Step 3

The fungi diseases can also be detected by observing the yellowish color of the plants’ leaves. The color of the plant leaves change dramatically when the plant gets such a disease.

Step 4

Fungi diseases are also detected by the appearance of insects on the plant. Insects sometimes come on the outer layer of the plant, because they are infected by a fungal disease and so the insects come here as a result of these diseases.

Step 5

The fungi diseases also have a very strange impact on the plants and this is that the plants start losing their leaves, and you can easily observe this by looking at the many different plants that are infected by such diseases and they have a pile of leaves around them.


How To Identify Fungi Diseases In Plants

Fungi diseases also make a plant extremely weak, and you can see this by watching them being highly fragile and their stems being like a mere thread. The plants can be prevented from the bad effect of these fungi diseases by using many different kinds of sprays on them, during the time the climate is changing. You can also control the fungi diseases by making sure that you apply all the preventive measures and all the precautionary measures when the weather changes and during the time the pests come and conquer the plants in your garden.

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