What Is the Purpose Of the Rarer Cancers Foundation in the Uk?
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What Is the Purpose Of the Rarer Cancers Foundation in the Uk?

Published at 03/06/2012 09:49:32


What Is the Purpose Of the Rarer Cancers Foundation in the Uk?


There are various organizations and foundations in the United Kingdom and around the globe that are established for the purpose of enabling patients to get help for their health conditions. The Rarer Cancers Foundation is an example of such organization that offers general advice and information and, where possible, patient-to-patient support. They collect up-to-date information, and put patients with rarer and less-common cancers in contact with one another. They raise awareness about rarer and less-ordinary cancers and have involvement in securing the best possible services for people living with rarer cancers. The Rarer Cancers Foundation exists to ensure that people with rarer cancers have access to the best services and outcomes and raise awareness about the less-common cancers suffered in the United Kingdom.

What Is the Purpose Of the Rarer Cancers Foundation in the Uk?

There are hundreds of different types of cancer, and research suggests that between 30 and 50 percent of all cancer cases could be classified as rarer. They fall outside the more common and highly publicized cancers such as colon, breast, lung and prostate. There are currently inequalities of care and support facing cancer patients in the UK. For instance, where the patient lives, how long it takes to achieve a diagnosis and availability of treatment are all affected by the rarity of the disease. These inequalities can have an enormous effect on a patient’s quality of life, and, ultimately, on their prognosis.

about rarer cancer and objective of RF in UK

What Is the Purpose Of the Rarer Cancers Foundation in the Uk?

About rarer cancer

A cancer may be classed as rarer either because it affects an unusual site in the body, or because the cancer itself is of an unusual type or requires special treatment. However, the most important feature of a rarer cancer is the fact that the patient feels isolated. There may be few survivors or no available support network. The patient may know very little about the condition, and it is difficult to get accurate information about the prognosis or the effect of treatment.

The objectives and mission of rarer foundation in the United Kingdom

The foundation is responsible in providing the following: They provide up-to-date information on rarer cancers and treatment options that are available to the patient. They enable supportive networking for patients, careers and clinicians and in the long term providing the much needed guidance, counseling and care to the patients and their families. They act as a gateway, directing patients to further avenues of support and information, such as patient groups or charities that are available. They are also responsible for raising awareness about the less-common cancers commonly known as rarer cancer.



Bearing in mind that patients suffering from rarer cancer feel isolated and abandoned, rarer cancer foundations in the United Kingdom play a crucial role in establishing and installing confidence to the patients who may be suffering from cancer. The fact that the cancer affects unusual part of the body, some patients may opt to keep quiet and in the long run die. It is important therefore to encourage such people to be part of the organization that helps to build them up positively.