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What Gives Your Legs the Staggers?


This is one of the most interesting debates that have been going on for years now. The reason for not reaching a conclusion is that there are so many reasons that give legs staggers and they vary from person to person. The interesting thing is that sometimes the reasons are very basic or in fact stupid. The thing with staggers is that it can happen all of a sudden or even through a long gradual process. So it is very hard to pin point one reason but medical science has tried its level best to select some basic causes that might be the root cause of this disease.


The history of staggers (some people don’t even call it a disease) is very old. It has been there from day one – as far as the history goes. People have been falling prey to staggering and it was considered to be an act of God at time and often Karma was blamed for such condition. What gives your legs the staggers was a mystery back then and it’s pretty much the same these days but now at least some of the reasons are known.


According to the recent research, the main cause is the lack of calcium in human body. Calcium mal-intake results in weakening of bones, as we all know that calcium is also the cause of osteoporosis and this is why it was also proved that lack of calcium is the main culprit (in most of the cases) behind staggers in human body. Also one of the causes is excessive exercise in a very short amount of time. This might sound unreal but it has been proven that excessive exercising that causes strain on legs can lead to the legs giving way. It basically disturbs the complex nerves connection with the lower part of the body and results in the disease. In some rare occasions swimming has also been found to be the reason for legs giving way. Similarly a harmless thing known as horse riding has in some cases led to this disease. Diabetes is also a reason for this disease and diabetic people often fall prey to it. For them all hope is lost because historically in some cases their legs had to be removed from the body because the blood sugar level was so high that it completely destroyed the body mechanics.

Tips and comments

The only tip that can be given to stay safe from staggers is to increase the intake of calcium to the right level. Calcium intake can be easily increased. Fruits are the best way to accelerate calcium in human body. If fruits are not an option there are some delicious calcium tablets that can be easily obtained from the local pharmacy. The good thing about calcium tablets is that they come in a number of flavors, readily available and you don’t need a prescription to purchase them. As there are no side effects they are a great tool to prevent this disease which still has a lot of mythological stories attached to it.

By Amara, published at 02/26/2012
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