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How To Tell If Your Tomatoes Are Free Of Diseases


Tomatoes are both fruit and vegetable. They are a common feature in most homes and have numerous health benefits. Most dish preparations require the use of tomatoes for them to be tasty and presentable. Tomatoes are also easy to grow and don’t require a lot of space. This is why tomato growing is a favorite pastime for many. Many people have taken to planting their own tomatoes because there is nothing as delightful as eating something grown with your own hands and in your own home garden. It is a great way to reduce on food costs and get extra income if you have some to spare. Some of the ways to tell if your tomatoes are diseases free are following.

Step 1

You can determine whether or not your tomatoes are diseases free by observing the following:

  • The plant grows to maturation without problems. The overall tomato plant should of good height and the foliage of a uniform dark green colour.
  • The plant will bear a reasonable number of healthy fruits.
  • The Stalks or stems will be sturdy, strong and thick. They shouldn't have cracks, spots or scars.
  • The fruits ripen fully from a green to red colour. The fruits should be firm, of good size and tasty. They should be free of any spots and holes, and have a good shelf life when stored.
  • The leaves are free of any spots and holes and don’t have discolored patches. They are dark green and not brown or yellow in colour.

You have to use a combination of these signs for you to be sure that your tomatoes are diseases free.

Step 2

Another way to tell if your tomatoes are diseases free is for you to get a tomato diseases free checklist from tomato plant specialists or professionals.

Step 3

You can also research online or read garden or plant books to get information that will aid you in determining whether your tomatoes are diseases free.

Step 4

There are many tomato experts and garden forums online which you can use to get information and services check that your tomatoes are diseases free. You may have to pay for some of this online information or services.

Step 5

If you want to be absolutely sure that your tomatoes are diseases free, you can take samples of the tomatoes or tomato plant to an agricultural center or plant laboratory for tests to be carried out. If you are not able to make it to these facilities, you can visit your nearest nursery center or agricultural extension agents who will take the samples to the test center then deliver the results to you.


To ensure that your tomatoes are always diseases free, buy your tomato seedlings from established nurseries or garden centers for disease resistant varieties. Make sure to grow these seedlings in proper conditions that will not stress the plants as this makes them easy targets for disease causing organisms.

By Sarah Nalu, published at 03/01/2012
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