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How To Protect Yourself From Diseases In Ear

Published at 03/09/2012 21:23:21


The diseases of ear are very common due to lots of unhygienic conditions of livings adopted by the newest generations. Ear diseases are an ill health situation and it may cause a loss of daily life activities. Ear diseases can be related to its function loss or alteration. And other ear diseases are associated with deliberating pain that causes physical and social health issues. Ear diseases are among a common health problem and every other person sees to suffer from one. Ear diseases are also among feared one because it cannot be seen, touch or seen healing. Different kinds of diseases of ear are infections, tumors, loss of hearing, vertigo, toxicity due to drugs and miscellaneous.


You knowledge about health issues is your strength of protection against diseases. The common ear diseases can be follows:
Common ear diseases of external part:

  • Blockage ear diseases: These causes the external auditory canal blockade due to wax, foreign body, seeds or may be maggots. This causes loss of conductive hearing loss. It must be removed /very gently under special care. Pain and infection are other major problems.
  • Otitis external: external ear diseases of infectious etiology cause this condition. Itching and watery discharge is the earlier signs in patient. No hearing problem is seen. The treatment must be undertaken in supervision of a doctor.
  • Swimmer ear: among ear diseases this one is the most common. As there are daily routine stuff that transfer the infectious agent to the ear. The eczema, foreign body and swimming are notorious for causation.
  • Perforated eardrum: serious infections and head injuries may cause the rupture of membrane of ear called ear drum. Its perforation may damage middle ear by inviting infections and loss of hearing loss occurs.


Common ear diseases of middle part:

  • Otitis media: middle part infection of ear is called otitis media. Pain, fever, slight deafness, insomnia and loss of appetite are the symptoms in a case of middle ear problem. The bones and nerves and air cells are disturbed by this part infection. Pus is secreted in this disease and in chronic type it’s the only one sign present. Complications of ear diseases are most seen in this problem.
  • Glue ear: the complication of middle ear infection is glue ear. The secretions may be cleared by Eustachian tube normally. If cannot, the secretion stays and may result in thick glue like secretions which invite bacterial infections and may cause other ear diseases.
  • Mastoids infection: Mastoid is the bony area behind the ear cavity and it may get super imposed infections from middle ear, the infection of this area may cause bone disruption and fistula may arise in addition to pain and other issues.
  • Oto-sclerosis: the bones in middle ear are connected with each other to ensure normal hearing mechanism. In oto-sclerosis the connection between the bones are sclerotized, the voice cannot be transferred as the bridge is jammed and is not working. Ear diseases involving sclerotized bones are a major problem now treated with prosthetics. Damaged ossicles are another ear diseases topic.

Tips and comments

Common ear diseases of internal part:

Central hearing loss: hearing loss part that is checked by cranial nerve the 8th, the ear diseases of inner ear may damage the receptors or nerve sensory efferent that may cause sensory neural hearing loss. Its prevention and treatment is not common.

Protection from ear diseases:
Ear diseases can be prevented by adopting hygienic conditions. Infections and traumatic diseases are most preventable. Adapting good cleanliness habits may help preventing ear diseases. While swimming use ear plugs, treat the upper airways infections as soon as possible. Get treatment and the follow up from a specialist doctor. Getting knowledge /health education is a healthy approach to preventing ear diseases.