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How To Take Care Of Pethealth

Published at 03/05/2012 18:17:42


A major part of having a pet is making sure your pet is always in the best of health, is taken care of properly and is given the necessities to live a long and healthy life. Depending on the type of pet you have, there will be different needs. For example, a dog would need to be let outside and walked to relieve himself or herself as a pet rabbit would not need to be walked, but instead would need his or her cage changed daily.

Step 1

Feed your pet enough and properly: Regardless of what type of pet you have, feeding your pet is a very important part of pethealth. Always feed your pet the right amount of pet food (ask your vet about how much food you should be giving your pet daily). Do not ever over feed your pet as it could cause health issues down the road.

Step 2

Always have enough fresh water available: Just like humans, animals need clean and fresh water available to them at all times. Water is essential for pethealth as if your pet is not drinking enough water, he or she can become dehydrated, which can lead to organ failure and at times, death.

Step 3

Have a loving relationship with your pet: Another important pethealth tip is to have a great bond with your pet, regardless of what type of pet it is. You want to show your pet that he or she can trust you. Dogs love when their owners play frisbee with them or simply take them for a walk. Cats love when their owners spend quality time with them as well, whether it be playing with cat toys or simply laying on the couch and petting them. Each pet enjoys different activities, so engage yourself in play-time with your pet and spend time with him or her.

Step 4

Keep your pet clean: Another important factor when it comes to pethealth is to make sure your pet is clean and well taken care of. Most pets need to be brushed and groomed. Whether you do this yourself or send your pet to a groomer is entirely up to you but it is a very important part of pethealth. Cats hate baths, but there are special dry shampoo's that will do the trick. Dogs are pretty much OK with being bathed and actually enjoy the water. Ask your vet how many times a year your pet should be getting bathed.

Step 5

Take your pet for check-ups: Just like humans, pets need to go to the doctor every now and then. Both dogs and cats should be visiting the vet at least once annually to receive their annual shots and to get an overall check up. If your pet is experiencing health problems, then make sure your pet is being taken care of by a veterinarian. A clean bill of health is essential when it comes to pethealth.


Pets cannot do things for themselves or speak to us to tell us what they need so it's entirely your responsibility to take good care of your pet. Pethealth is extremely important as it ensures that your pet will live a happy, healthy and problem free life.


Depending on what type of pet you decide on getting, it's important to always speak to your vet about the needs of that particular animal. Different species of animals need different things for good pethealth. Some pets require less maintenance than others, so it is suggested that you research on the internet about a particular pet before adopting one and always speak to a professional vet about pethealth.