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About the Society Of Infectious Diseases

Published at 02/29/2012 19:25:24


The society of infectious diseases is basically an association that helps prevents and controls the infectious diseases being spread worldwide. Different countries have a different society of infectious diseases. For example, Pakistan has a separate society of infectious diseases and America has a separate one. There are meetings held about a particular disease being spread widely in a country, and measures that should be taken in order to control and prevent it from spreading further. An association by the name of Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists helps in guiding the people for using the antimicrobials. This association also helps the people know more about the infectious diseases and ways to prevent them. This society of infectious diseases is working worldwide and has an annual meeting in any month of that particular year, to discuss the widely spread disease and take measures to stop it.


A scientist named Anton Van Leeuwenhoek used a better form of microscope in order to study the microorganisms better that caused infectious diseases. In the mid of 19th century, scientists named John Snow and William Budd did research on typhoid causing bacteria. They did this research with the help of experiments and observations on contaminated water. Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch, are some names that started working on the infectious diseases and started finding out ways to prevent them. It is said that a society of infectious diseases was being formed since then. It is not certain since when such societies have been made. Of course there are different histories about different societies of countries. For example, the society of infectious diseases of New York was made in 1992 when many physicians and pharmacists took oath to prevent their state from the widely spread infectious diseases.


The Society of infectious diseases Pharmacists helps in educating the people about the number of infectious diseases being spread and measures to control them. The people become aware of what products and habits of theirs are causing these infectious diseases. They also cooperate in order to reduce the amount of infectious disease that has been spread. This enables us to live in a healthy and safe environment. The society of infectious diseases pharmacists comprises of doctors and health care professionals that educate the people about the infectious diseases. They also guide the people to use antimicrobials. The society of infectious diseases also works on development of new drugs used for patient’s recovery. This society also offers some therapies for the people being infected with these infectious diseases. Thus, automatically we have a safer and infections-free environment due to this society of infectious diseases.

Tips and comments

There have been only positive comments on the society of infectious diseases. This is because the society works day and night to provide benefits to us. The society of infectious diseases doesn’t rest until the people are in peace. But not all the people are happy with the society of infectious diseases. They seem to complain about the society delaying most of its researches because it doesn’t have an answer to that. The society claims to help all the people but most of them donnot get enough media coverage to actually tell what their problem is. There are mixed and controversial comments on the society of infectious diseases that are posted online. Blogs tell us about the people who love this society along with the people who think this society just wastes our time.