How To Educate the Publice About Diseases Using Powerpoint Slides
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How To Educate the Publice About Diseases Using Powerpoint Slides

Published at 03/06/2012 16:46:37


How To Educate the Publice About Diseases Using Powerpoint Slides

Internet and computers have gained a lot of popularity in today’s world. Nowadays people get information related to any topic through internet and also through software’s. Many sectors are becoming computerised and the health sector is not left behind. Today, the best way to circulate any information is through the PowerPoint slides which are very easy to make and are quite easy to understand too.

Nowadays one may find many online pharmacies as well as clinics too. Moreover much diseases related issues are being referred through the internet. So it is always a good idea to keep people informed about the details for diseases and their cures available.


Step 1

The best way to keep the public informed is through PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint presentations are virtual slides which incorporate pictures as well as text accompanied with a lot of animations and styles of writing. The PowerPoint programme is easily available on any computer and it requires a little bit of computer knowledge to make a PowerPoint presentation.


Step 2

The program of PowerPoint is available as a sub heading in the MS Office package. It is mostly installed in all the computers having windows software. Here are some of the steps in order to make PowerPoint slides:


Step 3

Collect a lot of information for the diseases and if possible incorporate a lot of photos too along with the information. Then make the PowerPoint slide by following the easy instructions as stated in the PowerPoint software. You can incorporate a lot of animations too in order to make your presentation more effective.



Step 4

Now, the difficult part is to circulate these PowerPoint to the public. This can be done by circulating them through Emails. There are a lot of junk mails which are forwarded day in and day out. Hence this can be the easiest way to circulate the slides to reach large strata of the society. Another powerful source of circulation and a very potent one too is the social network. Face book, Orkut, Twitter have become a daily part of many people’s lives and so we can easily make an application for the PowerPoint slides and help them to reach to the general public and raise awareness of many diseases. Another easier way of circulating the PowerPoint slides can be by making CDs and making them available in general hospitals and private clinics too.


Step 5

Hence in this world of technology and internet it has become very easy to spread information. If technology has its downsides, it does have many upsides too. We can make people aware of the diseases by making PowerPoint slides which would provide information about the disease and circulate the slides in many potent ways. This will not only make the general public aware of the diseases but will increase the chances of prevention from the diseases too.


  • PowerPoint programme is the most potent way of spreading information
  • the information about diseases can be easily ciculated through PowerPoint slides 
  • It Is essential to have the proper information on PowerPoint slides in order to spread it.
  • these PowerPoint slides of diseases can be circulated through various methods to reach the public.

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