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How Scientists Create a Phenocopy Of Alzheimer's in Rats

The Mental Disorder Which Is Alzheimer’s

Records show that Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that are always increasing in numbers in terms of people who are affected by it. This is one of the diseases that are very troubling and that experts are having problems with in when it comes to finding the best cure for it. In spite the many efforts of scientists and experts, there is still no sure-fire way to cure Alzheimer’s.

This disease is known as a form of a mental disorder called dementia. This disorder of the brain hampers its ability to process natural thought and inhibits the activities of the person with this disorder. You can find those with this disorder to have troubles with memory, thought and language.

The Created Phenocopy in Rats

When scientists would research or examine stuff in order to come up with treatments and cures, they first would apply their proposed treatment to animals like rats to make sure that they can work on people. Scientists would create phenocopy of the disease so that they can try their treatments and see how these would fare with the disease in the rats.

A phenocopy is known as an environmental condition that mimics the phenotype produced by a gene. This is being used by scientist in order to create the same condition in their subject, like rats, and be able to conduct their experiments. This type of experiment is considered to be non-hereditary in nature since this can be environmentally induced. But even with such condition, it is not considered as a form of mutation.

Alzheimer’s Still Incurable

So far, the experiments done by scientists have not shown any much improvement. Even with the phenocopy they are able to create, the treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease is still not discovered. Many people are still suffering and dying because of this mental disorder.

People who are diagnosed with this disorder called Alzheimer’s will have a very crippling experience that will be progressing as years pass. One of the sad things about this disease, aside from its being incurable, is how families will see their love one who has the disorder go suffer in every stages of the disease. This disease will be very hard to deal with even for the families or the people who care about the person.

Even in the labs where the scientists have created their phenocopy of the disease, the subject of their experiment would show very disturbing and sad reactions. Because of the phenocopy, people can expect the same difficulty for those people who are going to suffer with this disease.

Dealing with The Disease

Having an Alzheimer’s disease is never an easy disorder to deal with for everyone. This can be very devastating not just for the person affected by it but also for the people who care about him. The diagnosis of this disease can be very emotionally charged because this will have an impact to the life of the person who is diagnosed because it sticks until he dies.

People who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease need all the love, care and support from their families in dealing with it.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 03/16/2012
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