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Top 5 Uses For Octozin Tablets


Octozin is a treatment for different sort of diseases that may hit your aquarium. Octozin is used to avoid many dangerous diseases that are common in fish. Octozin is used when you have your own aquarium and you do not know about each and every disease that may occur to you fish, it is suggested to used octozin to avoid any sort of disease for your aquarium.


Diseases that octozin mitigates; The prominent diseases that octozin saves your aquarium from are:

  • Hole in the head
  • Sleeping sickness
  • Malawi bloat disease
  • Dropsy

Octozin is a harmless medicine that is used for the safety of the marine life and to avoid the disease that are specific for a specific fish category. Octozin tablet is active for about three days and is very effective in killing the internal parasites.


Octozin, as already stated is a treatment for the disease that can harm your fish health. The uses of octozin include the mitigation of the disease that are specific for the specific category of the fish. There are some diseases that are very harmful for the life of a fish and can even kill that, the people who have the experience of working with the fish can judge what is wrong with the fish but not the common man. It is difficult for the common people like us to judge why the fish is getting down day by day, so in order to have an aquarium in your house or at your work place we must have to follow the proper procedure to make your fish healthy and active. Octozin helps such people to take good care of their aquarium without knowing too much about each and every details of a specific disease. The people who do not know about the diseases should use octozin regularly according to the usage of octozin described at the back of the pack of the tablet. There are different categories of octozin tablets that you can use depending upon the aquarium you have and the demands of that aquarium. Another important use of the octozin is to kill the parasites in the aquarium. Parasites are the organisms that can get in the relationship with any other species. Parasites are normally smaller in size than the host species. Parasites are normally termed as viruses or the bacteria that can get in interaction with the other species and can become a part of it and can cause some serious damage to the working of that specie. So the parasites not visible though but can have quite a visible effect on the species. Octozin is used to destroy such parasites inside the water in order to save the life of the fish.

Tips and comments

If you like to have a colorful aquarium in your house or at your workplace you have to put some effort for it, you need to take good care of the fish inside the aquarium. Try to keep the water of your aquarium clean and try to change it at the regular basis. To avoid different diseases that may occur due to the parasites inside the water you should use octozin tablets. Octozin is a harmless treatment and can help you deal with different diseases that can ruin your aquarium and the life inside it.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/06/2012
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