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How To Protect Yourself From Medical diseases

Published at 01/25/2012 07:41:34


It is hard or impossible to find some cures for diseases medical in the medical manuals besides the vaccines. However, the reality looks different. There were some efficient treatments that were applied with remarkable results, but the respective treatments were made with the help of plants and traditional medicines, and this is why the major pharmaceutical companies preferred to ignore the results of those studies.


The question asked by a large number of doctors and specialists is if some diseases medical can be prevented and treated without a vaccine. Some studies showed that alternative treatment and preventive methods were used in the 50’s. During those times, the alternative methods to cure some diseases such as poliomyelitis were neglected, being preferred the mass vaccination method.


The role of nutrition to prevent diseases medical and the immune system was ignored, or poorly understood. For example, there are only a few articles about the role of insulin on the immunity, or about the fact that large quantities of vitamin C can be effective in some cases. The body can’t produce vitamin C by itself, although the majority of mammals have the mechanisms that are able to produce the right quantities of vitamin C. however, how much of this substance is needed for the well functioning of the body? The arguments can be found if we are looking at the quantity of Vitamin C produced by animals, and the answer is simple: a lot.


However, in order to protect your body from diseases medical, it is important to consume other vitamins and minerals. Our body is the subject of major transformations during the day, and this is why it is vital for us to have energy. A study conducted on rabbits observed that those animals are predisposed to a reduced number of diseases, and this is because of the healthy feeding habits they have. Carrots are great to protect humans from any kind of disease, especially if it is combined with other fruits and vegetables.


The right level of sugar in blood and the oxygen are the main ingredients of the “combustible” needed for the body, but also for the health of the mind. As the organism needs to function with maximum efficiency, the quantity of glucose differs, so the quantity must be equilibrated. A simple method to prevent a large number of diseases is to consume fruits and vegetables that contain a large quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Tips and comments

The methods of preventing diseases medical offered by specialists are simple, and it is based on the concept that keeping a normal blood sugar level will prevent the apparition of those conditions. Persons that keep a strict diet are not predisposed to those conditions, and moreover, those alternative treatments can also be used to treat some conditions that were treated until now only with vaccines. As about finding the best fruits and vegetables needed for some diseases, it is enough to consult the specialized guides that will indicate the best combination for those diseases and conditions. 


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