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How To Prevent Throat Diseases?


The anterior portion of the neck, beginning at the mouth, is the throat. The main structures of the throat are pharynx, epiglottis, larynx, trachea and the upper part of the esophagus. That means, the throat contains the air and food passages. The pharynx is a muscular tube that is a passage way for both food that enters through the mouth and the air that is inspired and expired through the nose. Next is a muscular fold called epiglottis, it prevents the food from entering into our lung by covering the voice box and vocal cords during swallowing. The voice box containing vocal cords makes up the larynx and it is also known as Adam's apple. The larynx moves up and down when we swallow. It is made up of cartilage and muscle and carries the air from the nose to the trachea, the windpipe. Lastly the esophagus, a muscular tube that carries the food from the pharynx to the stomach. Keeping your throat healthy is of utmost importance and so you know about the most common diseases throat and how to prevent them.


Lets first have a look at most common diseases throat. First we have pharyngitis, the inflammation of the pharynx along with pain in the throat. It may be due to viruses or bacteria and may cause symptoms like cause difficulty in eating, headache, high fever and enlargement of tonsils. Enlargement and inflammation of he tonsils is called tonsillitis and this is one of the diseases throat that is most common in school-going children. Tonsillitis presents with a sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever, earache and general body ache along with constipation. Collection of pus and formation of abscess is a very painful throat disease and it often requires hospitalisation. Many diseases throat cause problem in breathing, eating, and speaking. They may also cause a change in your voice, give you a sore throat and difficult breathing may also lead to snoring.


It is true that prevention is better than cure and a little extra care goes a long way. Here are some valuable tips to keep your throat healthy and functioning. Adequate sleep and a wholesome, balanced diet along with daily physical activity is essential.Try to keep your distance when you know that someone around you has diseases throat as most of them are contagious. Do not share lip balms, drinking and eating utensils, do not indulge in any contact that allows let their saliva enter your mouth. Always wash your hands before eating and never share toothbrushes. Disinfect tabletops and kitchen counters and make it a habit to give glasses, plates, bowls, cups, forks, and spoons a warm, thorough wash before use. If someone around you is sick, ask them to use a napkin and cover their mouth when they sneeze as diseases throat are transmitted through air droplets.

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If however you do fall sick with diseases throat, take plenty of bed rest and keep your self hydrated with ample fluids as you body needs them. Eat hot soup and drink tea. Saline gargles and honey help the healing process. During this time make sure you keep your eating and drinking utensils separate and make as little physical contact with others as you can so that you don't spread diseases throat to your family and friends. Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor and hopefully you'll get completely well in a week or so.

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