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About Is Lifelinescreening Effective?


A lot of people have actually started considering using lifelinescreening in order to ensure that they are in good health, and so that they can try and avoid or prevent certain medical conditions, such as aneurysms, blockages, osteoporosis and strokes, just to name a few. However, not a lot of people are convinced that lifelinescreening is actually effective in what it is claiming to be able to do for its various clients. If you want to be able to determine if lifelinescreening is actually effective, then you need to consider the various factors and possible advantages and disadvantages that lifelinescreening is able to provide you with.


Basically, lifelinescreening offers various services wherein they would perform different medical check-ups and tests on certain areas on your body, such as the neck and leg, just to name a few. They perform these checks and tests in order to determine if you are experiencing certain types of diseases and medical conditions that could cause you to experience a medical emergency situation later on, such as blockages on your arteries, aneurysms, osteoporosis and strokes. Lifelinescreening tries to package these various services so that you can get these different services, tests and check-ups in just one go.

However, although the services being offered by lifelinescreening seem very appealing, there are some people who contend that the services that they offer, such as the tests and check-ups, aren’t very effective in their purpose of preventing these various medical conditions from occurring. Lifelinescreening claims to be able to help people prevent strokes and other types of medical conditions through the various services that they offer, but these services come at a particular price, which is what most people are trying to contend with.



Some of the tests and check-ups that doctors can perform and do in order to determine the same things that lifelinescreening is trying to determine can be screened and identified without the unnecessary expensive tests. A doctor can basically check the pulses on the foot or pedal pulses in order to initially determine if there are any blockages on the arteries. If there are symptoms that would indicate that, then your insurance should be able to cover the ultrasound that is to be performed in order to further determine your medical condition.

If you want to check a particular medical condition or symptom, then you can actually ask doctors for certain medical checks and tests that don’t cost as much as a lifelinescreening test would. They would be able to determine the same things that a lifelinescreening is trying to determine, such as blockages of the arteries, by simply performing a few tests. Once they determine that you need further tests, such as an ultrasound, that is the time that you get that test.

Lifelinescreening also claims to be able to provide you with a means to prevent certain medical conditions, but by simply performing certain activities, you can actually help yourself prevent these conditions from happening. If you are concerned with avoiding stroke, you can simply avoid certain vices, such as smoking and drinking too much, as well as eating a lot of healthy food that helps lower your cholesterol and exercising regularly. You actually don’t need to undergo all the other tests that lifelinescreening is offering you with as part of their package.

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Lifelinescreening might sound very appealing initially, especially with all the various types of tests that they can perform in order determine what medical condition you might be experiencing, they still are not necessarily effective in the type of service that they claim that they are able to provide you with.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/07/2012
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